Udupi: Peacock Crossing Road Hit by Bus at Katapadi, Causes Bike to Skid

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Udupi: A bike-rider on NH 66 was involved in a freak incident at Katapadi on Monday morning. It was caused by the national bird of India.


A peacock happened to cross the road at Kallapu and it was hit by a speeding express bus. The injured bird, as it limped and ran in panic, came in the way of Sheikh Hassan riding the ride.

Suddenly unnerved, he lost control over the bike and it skidded. Having fallen to the ground and injured, he was taken to a hospital in Manipal.

In the meantime, large crowds gathered out of curiosity and the traffic on the national highway was hampered.

The police arrived and cleared the jam. Forest personnel took the peacock, which was found in a critical condition, to their charge to be treated and tended.

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