Udupi: Pejawar Swamiji receives warm welcome during Pura Pravesha

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Udupi: The ‘Pura pravesha’ ceremony of Sri Vishweshateertha Swamiji and Sri Vishwaprasanna Swamiji of Pejawar Math (welcome of the Swamiji to the temple city) was organised with a colourful procession from Jodukatte here on Monday January 4.

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84-year-old Swamiji of Sri Pejawar Math will ascend the sacred ‘Paryaya Peeta’ (Sarvajna Peeta) on January 18 to take the charge and ‘Puja’ rights to conduct his maiden Paryaya at Sri Krishna Math for the next two year term from the outgoing Sri Vidyavallbaha Theertha Swamiji of Sri Kaniyoor Math

After the last leg of his pilgrimage tour, the Swamiji came to Udupi in the evening on Monday. He was received at Jodukatte, the traditional entrance of old Udupi town by several dignitaries including district minister in-charge Vinay Kumar Sorake, MLA Pramod Madhwaraj, Udupi-Chikkamagaluru MP Shobha Krandlaje, Udupi City Municipal Council president Yuvaraj, Former MLA’s Raghupathi Bhat and U R Sabhapathi and others.

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The Swamijis were later taken in a colorful procession seated in an open decorated chariot carrying portraits of Lord Mukhyaprana, and ‘Pattada Dervaru.

The procession comprised of the Math elephant in the lead followed by ‘Beerudavali’, ‘Thattiraya’, ‘Somakasura’, ‘Kamsa kahale’, a band, ‘Kombu’, Saxophone, Kerala chande, Nasik band, Marakalu huli, Keelu kudure, kode, mukavada, ‘Srilankan Dance’, ‘Veeragase’, ‘Taiiam’, ‘Dappu’, ‘Pungchalam of ‘Manipur, ‘Poothani’, ‘Hallakki team’, ‘Dragon’ and folk dances.

The procession passed through the taluk office, Diana circle, KM Marg and culminated before Sri Krishna temple.

Soon after stepping out of the chariot, the Swamiji visited the oldest temples of Lord Anantheshwar and Lord Chandramouleeshwara and offered special prayers for the success of his two year term Paryaya. Later he visited Sri Krishna Math and offered prayers where he was received by the outgoing Sri Vidyavallbhatheertha Swamiji whose term is coming to end on January 17. The Swamiji later entered the Pejawar Math situated near Car Street.

Thousands of people had gathered on either side of the street to welcome the Swamiji to the Marh.

The initial two months the Paryaya system is on rotation among the Swamijis of Asta Maths (Eight maths) of Udupi and is taken up to perform Sri Krishna Puja at the temple. It was introduced after installing the black stone (Saligrama Shila) idol of Lord Krishna by great saint and Madhwa philosopher Sri Madhwacharya over 800 years ago and later (over 500 years ago) it was restructured by another great saint Sri Vadiraja Swami of Sri Sode Math.

Under this system, every Swamiji of Asta Math will have the rights to conduct Sri Krishna Puja and run the administration for two years in rotation in which the transfer of powers will take place.

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