Udupi: Theft of Wallet from Marriage Hall – Suspect Couple Vanishes after Incident

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Udupi: An increase in the number of thefts at wedding venues and other occasions strengthen the suspicion that miscreants attend functions well attired. No suspicion is created when they look presentable.

It is difficult to identify them because when guests at weddings could belong to the side of either the groom or the bride. Any attempt to verify can create a scene and ruin the function. Persons with evil intentions appear to be taking advantage of this possibility.

An incident of this kind happened at a wedding venue in Vontibettu near Hiriyadka on Dec 20. Suresh Kulal of Lakshminagar in Kodavoor near Malpe had arrived there to attend a friend’s wedding. As he sat there, he received a call on his mobile phone.

He pulled out the handset with his wallet and began speaking. He placed the wallet on the next chair, adjacent to which a respectable-looking couple was seated.

When he completed the call, the wallet had gone missing. He enquired of the couple about it but they denied any knowledge about it. Kulal checked with other guests around but there was no use.

In the meantime, the couple had already left the venue. The theft is suspected to be the handiwork of the same couple.

The wallet contained a PAN card, a gold ring of three grammes weight and Rs 1,800 in cash. A case has been registered in the Hiriyadka police station.

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