Uncollected Amount at ATM Claimed

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Uncollected Amount at ATM Claimed after Media Report

Udupi: It had been reported in these columns that an amount was found uncollected by an account-holder of Canara Bank, Padubidri earlier this week.

The next person to go there to withdraw from his account found Rs 1,000 which appeared to have been ejected late by the machine. The first man went back after some time, before the cash came out.

Subrahmanyam of Bengaluru, who saw the money, passed it on to a journalist for proper steps to see that the right man got his money. He in turn handed it over to the manager of Canara Bank, Anjani G Prabhu.

When the printout was traced and verified, the man who withdrew was traced as Manoranjan Devri, an employee of Suzlon Corporation, hailing from Odisha. He arrived at the bank with Rajesh of Vishnumurty Enterprises, a contracting firm. Devri’s photograph, identity documents and ATM clippings were compared and it was proved that he was the bona fide account-holder.

The amount was given back to him and the episode ended on a happy note.

Account-holder Returns Cash Remaining Uncollected at ATM Kiosk

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