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Heal, ease & feel touch and tap care and share is the motto
Humanity society divinity solidarity is the adoring grotto
Ill to pill agony anguish torment or tottering all is only one
Love for all hate none generous precious pure milestone

Dr Simon Hercules

Change the world by being yourself with gloomy unnoticed
Sacrifice devotion commitment other name is physician – god
Dreams or streams tide or torrent only aim is life-saving man
Potency power test or trail none to match only offering union

Strive or aspire to inspire before we expire only medico spark
Peril or perish die with memories not dreams with creams sink
Dr Simon the medical soldier solidly and steadily stood amazingly
Fought the fight giving life heart to the sick the suffering the needy

I have carried your burden the words of Master cherished and nourished
Lived to the full and brim sacrificing one’s own life for the greater glory – God
Never regret or forget that made you smile walk a mile with God the protector
Every moment is a fresh beginning giving and sharing as the gift to the creator

Was the Doctor dreamed to die with COVID–19 by serving the bruised?
Immortal destiny unite eternal the angels adore the Risen Savior Lord
While giving let no right hand know the mandate life-giver is fulfilled
Served till the end humanity kind safe and serene beautiful and grand

He came to His own, His own people did not receive says the Master
He served the people his folk but his own did not allow him to burry
Selfish, ungrateful generations relish till the end forgets the Samaritan
Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing? Bold truth
Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

The poem is dedicated to all the Medicos, Nurses, Asha workers, and police departments who risk their lives in order to donate life to others. The inspiration is Dr Simon Hercules who died of COVID – 19 while serving the people affected by the same, who was denied burial at two different cemeteries in Chennai. Is this humanity!?
Dr Simon Hercules Rest In Peace

Fr Joachim D’Souza Capuchin

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  1. It’s a great tribute to Dr Simon. Also it’s sad that people are ungrateful to the person who served them during his lifetime and died for them . Well written poem.

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