Unsafe 65-Year-Old Kuloor Bridge connecting Panambur to Mangaluru will be Closed Soon

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Unsafe 65-Year-Old Kuloor Bridge connecting Panambur to Mangaluru will be Closed Soon

Mangaluru: Ask any motorist traveling on this 65-year-old Kuloor Bridge across Phalguni (Gurupura) river connecting Udupi/Surathkal/Panambur to Mangaluru, they will say its a nightmare due to potholes and dilapidated condition of the bridge. Especially for the two-wheelers plying on this stretch of the bridge is a burden. But as per Dakshina Kannada DC Sasikanth Senthil this bridge will be closed soon, as National Highways of the public welfare department has in its reported submitted to the district administration has mentioned that the bridge is unsafe for travel.

And during a press meet held on 3 October District in-charge minister U T Khader had said, “The construction of new Kulur bridge will begin soon as one of the old bridges there is in very bad condition. The vehicular movement will be stopped on this old bridge once the construction of the new Kulur bridge gets started. Vehicles moving both ways will be allowed on the other bridge connecting Mangaluru to Panambur. People should cooperate during this construction of the news bridge which is expected to be completed within two years,”

Unsafe 65-year-old Kuloor Bridge connecting Panambur to Mangaluru will be closed soon

It is learnt that the NHAI which had recently undertaken a survey of bridges under its network, in its report, deemed that the 65-year-old Kuloor bridge connecting Panambur to Mangaluru is unfit for travel. DC Senthil had also mentioned that once the NHAI comes up with an alternate traffic plan, a magisterial order for closure of the old bridge will be issued. He further said, “NHAI will build a new bridge between the two-existing one-way bridges in place of the old bridge. Until the construction of the new bridge is completed, the other parallel bridge (connecting Mangaluru to Panambur/Surathkal/Udupi), which is currently used to facilitate traffic out of the City towards Panambur will be used as a two-way.

This Kuloor Bridge connecting Mangaluru to Panambur will become Two-Way

Currently, commuters/motorists are required to spend at least ten minutes during peak hours to cross the 150-meter bridge. Imagine how much time it would take when the said bridge will be used as a two-way once the other side bridge (connecting Panambur to Mangaluru) is closed. There would surely be a traffic jam and of course, it would be a nightmare. So all you commuters/motorists using this bridge for your daily commute, keep your fingers crossed, it will be a hectic time when heavy traffic will utilize the bridge when it becomes two-way. The only solution, you will have to start early to reach your destination or workplace in time.

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  1. I was there sixtyfive years ago before the Kuloor Bridge was constructed. In those days all the to-and-fro traffic, whether it is vehicles or even the bullock carts and cycles had to be transported by a floating barge called “jungle”. It used to take about two hours to cross the Kuloor river back and forth, but life went on because there was no other choice.

    Then came the bridge 65 years ago. What a blessing that was. But for 65 years, we do not think the bridge was ever maintained or checked for it’s strength and present capacity. For 65 years millions of vehicles must have crossed the bridge, and the vehicle loads have increased day by day.

    Thanks to all the authorities for their timely thought to maintain the bridge with whatever new supports or renovations that are required. Safety of people and the moving traffic is essential. With the expansion of the port facilities, the bridge plays an important role in the daily existence of life as a whole. Hence, the timely focus on the safety and maintenance of the bridge is a thought that deserves all the praises and thanks too.

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