UP: Thief dozes off while on the ‘job’, gets arrested

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UP: Thief dozes off while on the ‘job’, gets arrested

Lucknow: In a bizarre turn of events, a thief who broke into a doctor’s residence in Lucknow, dozed off due to extreme intoxication.

When he woke up the following morning, he was shocked to find policemen around.

The incident was reported in Sector-20 of Indira Nagar, within the jurisdiction of the Ghazipur police station.

According to reports, the targeted house belongs to Sunil Pandey, in Indira Nagar Sector-20 of Lucknow.

Pandey, who works at Balrampur Hospital, is currently stationed in Varanasi, leaving the house unoccupied.

Neighbours became suspicious of finding Pandey’s door ajar in the morning. They peeped in to see the house ransacked, with items strewn around.

The Ghazipur police were called in and the cops found the thief, identified as Kapil, sleeping. They arrested him and booked him under IPC section 379 A for theft.

Ghazipur Station House Officer (SHO), Vikas Rai, said that further legal proceedings were underway.

According to the official, the intruder even tampered with the water pump before attempting to remove the house battery–he succumbed to drowsiness.

“The cupboards were broken into. Everything, including cash, was taken. The thief even attempted to steal the washbasin, gas cylinder, and water pump,” said the official.

He also said, “It appeared he collapsed from intoxication while attempting to remove the battery and fell asleep,” the official added.


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