VC Dr Darshan Inaugurates PANA Campus

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Vice Chancellor of Transdisciplinary University (TDU) Dr Darshan Inaugurates PANA Campus

Mangaluru: Pana Education Institution campus was inaugurated at Kolambe here on May 15.

The campus was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of Transdisciplinary University (TDU), Dr Darshan Shanker by cutting the ribbon.

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The programme began with a welcome dance, followed by the College anthem. COO of PANA Usha Rao welcomed the gathering. Chairman and Managing Director Dr Prasad Hegde in his keynote address said, “The own learning method is a unique model, painstakingly designed with the latest learning methodologies, for students and teachers at Pana, to together revolutionize the learning journey. In Pana’s own method, each day is full of discovery, play and reflection; a journey of direct learning where the student and knowledge become one. Students can own success, own their dreams and own the universe”.

He also said that the students in Bajpe, Kolambe and nearby areas can join PANA paying nominal fees.

Shri Rajashekharananda Swamiji, Vajradehi Math Gurupur inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp along with other dignitaries on the dais.

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Addressing the gathering Dr Darshan Shanker said that to inaugurate this campus, APJ Abdul Kalam was the right person. He further said that there are five senses of learning they are hearing, smell, sight, taste and touch. Teach your children the five senses to experience and enjoy learning. We have a tongue to taste, eyes will help us to see the world, our hands will help us to feel the touch, ears will help us to hear the sound and nose will help us to smell. He also said to strengthen the five senses through everyday experiences by interacting with the children.

Congratulating the CMD of PANA Dr Prasad Hegde, for his initiative in starting the education institution which will deliver a experiential, investigative and analytical education where the student and the knowledge become one.

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While concluding Dr Darshan said that Hands-on learning is very much important and it is known as Experiential Education, it will reflect the teaching philosophy which promotes learning through practicals. The strategy allows children to practise guided tactile learning in which they absorb knowledge not only by listening but by experiencing. Experiential learning is a top teaching method in higher educational institutions, especially those in the fields of science, art and technology.

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Minister Ramanath Rai speaking on the occasion said that learning is a continuous process and we have to learn throughout our lives. Education is important to every human being because education makes a man perfect. When we were studying the education system was not advanced but now the education system has been improved. We are seeing innovations in the education system. Education should not be limited to books. PANA college brought revolution in education by starting A Eco-friendly learning. Every human being is a student, learning is a continuous process and school campuses are the place for creativity. PANA college is a revolution in education.

Rai congratulated the management for their unique idea of learning. He wished success in their future endeavours.

MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, Ajith Kumar Rai Maladi, Sham Shetty, Namith Verma, Suyasha Shetty, Amarnath Shetty, Dr Rajendra Kumar and others were also present. Rijo John compered the programme. Dean of PANA Ramadas Ayra delivered the vote of thanks.

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