VHP and BD Distribute Books, Scholarship and Wheelchairs to Beneficiaries

VHP and BD Distribute Books, Scholarship and Wheelchairs to Beneficiaries

Mangaluru: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal held a programme to distribute books for the less fortunate students at Town Hall here on June 11.

The programme began with an invocation. Working president of VHP Prof M B Puranik inaugurated the programme by lighting the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries.

Addressing the gathering Prof Puranik said, “Those who do not like Bajrang Dal and VHP, blame these organizations saying that ‘they are involved in anti-social activities’. But in reality, the Bajrang Dal and the VHP are doing yeomen service to the society. In our society, there is a particular group who feel happy when anti-Hindu activities are carried out in the district but VHP and Bajrang Dal always raise their voice against such activities. From the past three years, BD and VHP have been distributing books, scholarships to the children of auto drivers and wheelchairs to the physically challenged people. But these two organizations do not get any publicity for their good work.”

“Recently, the BD and VHP staged a protest against the state government for including lessons related to Islam and Christianity in the 9th standard Social Studies textbook. Why is there no mention of Mahabaratha or Ramayana in the book? Why the discrimination?” questioned Puranik.

Puranik further said, “Hindus are the majority in our country and this is a Hindu nation. Sanathana Dharma is the most superior Dharma in the world. But because of our own Hindu leaders who are speaking against Hindutva, Hindus are in trouble. Sanathana Dharma represents a code of conduct and a value system that has spiritual freedom as its core. Any pathway or spiritual vision that accepts the spiritual freedom of others may be considered part of Sanatana Dharma. Today, the Bajrang Dal and VHP have selected those students who are in need and distributed books, scholarships and wheelchairs to the physically challenged and proved that they care for the society. I wish both the organizations good so that they continue doing good work for the society.”

MP Nalin Kumar Kateel speaking on the occasion said, “Many organizations are doing social service to gain publicity. But BD and VHP are serving the society without expecting anything in return. When there was the pub attack or any bad incident in the city, people blame these two organizations. Today they have proved that they are not involved in any negative incidents. Rather they are involved in doing good work for the society. I wish VHP and BD to continue the good work and help the needy people in the society.”

Scholarship, school books, bags and wheelchairs were distributed to 500 beneficiaries.

MLA Vedavyas Kamath, Kishore Rai, Sharan Pumpwell, Krishnamurthy, Jagadish Shenava, Pushparaj Jain, Naveen Kodialbal, Gopal Kuthar, Bhujang Kulal, Sridhar Bhat and others were also present.