Victim in sex video kidnapped; K’taka Police book FIR against Deve Gowda’s son HD Revanna

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Victim in sex video kidnapped; K’taka Police book FIR against Deve Gowda’s son HD Revanna

Mysuru: In a major development, Karnataka Police have registered an FIR against former Prime Minister, HD Deve Gowda’s son, JD(S) MLA HD Revanna in connection with the kidnapping of one of the victims in the sex video scandal involving his son Prajwal Revanna.

The son of one of the victims has filed a police complaint over the abduction of his mother and named HD Revanna as the prime accused in the case.

HD Revanna’s relative Satish Babu has been named as the second accused in the FIR.

Following the complaint, the KR Nagar Police in Mysuru District lodged an FIR against HD Revanna and Satish Babu.

The son has alleged that his mother has disappeared in the backdrop of the surfacing of the sex video containing footage showing her being sexually assaulted by Prajwal Revanna.

Her son has stated that the second accused Satish Babu had come to their house and taken his mother on a bike saying that HD Revanna wanted to see her. He stated that since then she had not returned home.

The complainant stated that on April 29 at about 9 p.m. his mother was taken away forcefully by Satish Babu after threatening the family with a police case if they did not let her go.

He also alleged that his mother was locked up in an undisclosed location and pleaded with the police to help him find her and initiate legal action against HD Revanna and Satish Babu.

In his complaint, the son stated that his mother had worked at the residence and farm of Revanna for six years and she quit the job three years ago.

He said that just three days before polling on April 26, Satish Babu took his mother from their residence saying that HD Revanna’s wife Bhavani Revanna wanted to see her. However, on the day of polling his mother was dropped back to their house and warned by Satish Babu not to speak to the police.

The son said that Satish Babu threatened that if they spoke to the police a case would be lodged against them, and also asked them to intimate him if cops approached them.

Satish Babu also said that he would shift the victim in case the police approached them, the complaint stated.

At 9 p.m. on April 29, Satish Babu again came to their home and maintained that if the police located the victim, she would land in trouble, there would be a case and she would be jailed.

He claimed that HD Revanna had asked him to bring the victim to him and forcefully took her away on his bike, the complaint stated.

The complainant has pleaded that he has no idea where his mother is being kept.

He said that the next day his friends and relatives asked him about the videos of his mother being raped by Prajwal Revanna being released.

The relatives also explained that the case had taken a big twist, the son stated.

The complainant said he had called Satish Babu and asked about her whereabouts and insisted that he should bring her back. However, Satish Babu maintained that there was a photo of his mother holding a stick while Prajwal Revanna was involved in a fight with someone and an FIR had been lodged in this regard. Satish Babu further maintained that bail had to be obtained for the victim.

The son has said in his complaint that Satish Babu suggested that he should be talking from some other person’s phone.

The NDA’s Hassan candidate Prajwal Revanna is absconding and has left the country.

Prajwal Revanna’s obscene videos showing sexual harassment and abuse of women have taken the political circles in Karnataka by storm.

The kidnapped victim is an aged lady, who was allegedly sexually exploited by Prajwal Revanna in spite of pleadings. The video has created public outrage.

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