We are ready for Any Investigation in Kavya’s Death – Dr Mohan Alva

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We are ready for Any Investigation in Kavya’s Death – Dr Mohan Alva

Mangaluru: “Any organization or the media did not come to the campus to study the truth behind Kavya’s suicide. It is an unnatural death. Kavya came to our campus on June 18 2017 under the adoption scheme. In the adoption scheme, there are no fees to pay. Kavya joined for the 10th standard. Kavya was regular in practicing Badminton and was normal in the campus. Her mother was coming to the campus every week to meet her. According to the CCTV footage, on June 20th she went for practice at 6:05 am. Till 8:00 am she had practiced in the indoor court. At 9:00 am she had attended her classes as usual and until 3:30 pm she was in the class. After coming back to the hostel room she did not go for practice in the evening”, said the Chairman of Alva’s Education Foundation Dr Mohan Alva.

Speaking to Mangalorean.com Dr Mohan Alva said, “I do counseling to the students and Physical Director. On July 20 PD Radhakrishnan and 60 other students were in my house for counseling. On July 20 evening, Kavya did not go for practice but stayed back in the hostel room while other girls had gone for practice. At 5:30 pm all the girls had gone for practice and when they returned to the room the door was locked from inside. When they peeped through the window they saw Kavya hanging. One of the girls entered the room climbing the wall and opened the lock. When they noticed that Kavya had just hanged, they lowered Kavya to take her to the hospital. They also called an ambulance and shifted her to the hospital. But the doctors pronounced her brought dead.”

Dr Mohan Alva further said, “Once she was declared dead, the body was shifted to the Mortuary since it is not possible to keep the body in the emergency. According to the procedure, we have to shift the body to the mortuary and preserve it to stop it from decomposing. We had immediately informed the police and also her parents. The police and Kavya’s parents reached the hospital. Kavya’s mother was very emotional at the time. The police conducted the investigations. 15 of our staff assisted the police during the investigations. On July 21, the post-mortem was done and the body was handed over to the parents. Our HM and PD also attended the cremation. After three days Kavya’s parents along with activists from Kateel approached the Police commissioner demanding an investigation. Later they went to Bengaluru and informed a TV Channel. Since then the issue has been blown out”.

Dr Mohan Alva also said, “Now all the organizations are tagging us as murderers. All those who are speaking against us have never visited the campus or tried to find out the truth. There are 26000 students in our campus and we take good care of them. I have not approached any political leaders or any police officers in this regard. Why should I run away from Moodbidri? I am very much in Moodbidri and I am ready for any kind of investigation in this matter.

When asked about the Physical Director who had called Kavya at 4:30 a.m for practice, Dr Mohan Alva said, “I do not know about it and why she had told all that to her mother. The CCTV camera has recorded the Physical Director arriving at 5:15 am by car to the Indoor court and started warming up. Later other students also came, at 6:05am, Kavya entered the indoor court for practice. I don’t know, why she said that she had to go at 4:30 am and did not turn up at that time”.

While concluding Dr Mohan Alva said, “I am with the truth because I believe in it. Let they investigate the case. We have the police department to investigate the case and Media should not pass the judgement before the investigation. The investigation should be done in a proper manner. Let the case be handed over to the CBI or anyone for that matter, I am ready for any kind of investigation.”

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  1. Wonderful point to point reporting from Mangalorean.com .. while most media houses are trying to sensationalise the news and create a soap opera kinda story you’ll have given the whole story fact by fact . I was watching a tv programme by praja tv where 6 panelists were pouncing on dr Mohan alva and the p t teacher . Why do people like doing this Tamasha on television . It’s a sad event . If any doubts try to go to the police and file a case
    1) post moterm is done
    2) Cctv footage is checked

    When everything is clear why make stories ??

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