Where are you…?

Name: Shannen Prajwal D’Souza
Date of Birth: 10the October, 2004
Father: Stany Robert D’Souza
Mother: Maria Lavina Prathibha D’Souza
Native Place: Udyavara, Udupi
Place of Residence: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Shannen shares his birthday with his dad Stany D’Souza & his grandpa Aloysious D’Souza (Mom’s dad). Also all of them are 30 years apart. i.e On the day Shannen was born his dad became 30 years old and his grandpa became 60 years old!

Shannen is very active and picks up the words very easily. He also can understand most of the konkani words and repeats some of the words. Also he speaks a little bit of Hindi (Nahin chahiye is his favorite word).

For Shannen, all the animals and birds are doggie. When it comes for eating food, he is very choosy, and if his Mummy gives him something to eat which he doesn’t like, he asks for juice, sausage and fish!. For Shannen moon (chanda mama) is tammanna!

Mummy mummy where are you?
I am going to market
To buy car, chockie & shoe

Daddy daddy where are you?
Can you take me in your car?
To get me juice, sausage & fish