With Motto ‘Let Your Dreams Take Flight’ St Aloysius PUC Bids Adieu to Batch of 2020

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With Motto ‘Let Your Dreams Take Flight’ St Aloysius PUC Bids Adieu to Batch of 2020

Mangaluru: “We’ve only begun, Before the Risin’ sun, we fly…So many roads to choose…We’ll start out Walkin’ and learn to run” – these few lyrics by the Pop Group The Carpenters” from their song “We’ve Only Just Begun”, is appropriate for the 2000 plus freshers who joined the St Aloysius PUC Family in the month of June 2018 for the various courses offered in the First Pre-University College of St Aloysius. It was also the day for the management, faculty and staff where they got a chance to meet the first years, during the I PUC Student Orientation Programme 2018 held at Loyola Hall, St Aloysius PUC Campus. It was day filled with lots of happiness that any fresher would ask for. And yet another page of a new chapter began in the mind of each and every one in their class. And after two years of academic excellence and career at this prestigious St Aloysius PUC, the same 2000 plus students are leaving their Alma mater, and a valedictory ceremony was hosted at the same Loyola Hall on 23 January 2020, to bid adieu to the batch of 2020 SAPUC students.

They came from near and far; from the City, outskirts of city, out of town; some were rank holders; some with highest grades; some with grades eligible to get a seat; they were predominately mixed irrespective of caste, creed and religion-Christian, Hindu, Muslim; they were about 2000 plus in numbers- all with an intention to join this prestigious Pre-University College in town. And I say that all these students did make a right choice to join St Aloysius Pre-University college after their SSLC to pursue their PU and further studies at this renowned institution- only of its kind in the City, with a vision “Empowering youth through excellence in education to shape a better future for humankind”.

And I am very positive that all these 2000 plus students who had picked St Aloysius PUC would agree with me that when they are leaving their Alma mater today, after getting the best education, morals and values of character and discipline, they did the right choice and their dream about choosing a career that would make their future bright and put an determined efforts to achieve that goal, after pursuing their studies at this institution. For sure they all had ample opportunities and lots of encouragement from the management and staff of this institute where they have reached greater heights. And now that these students are exiting out of PUC, should discuss with their friends, parents and seniors in making the right choice after PUC, because other than Medicine and Engineering, there are many allied courses, which are in demand these days. So all you students of PUC Batch of 2020 think well before you make your decision as to which career you’ll continue forward after PUC- make the right or ask your teachers or elders. Best of luck.

The Valedictory ceremony began with a couple of prayer songs -“You Will Be Wherever You Go”and “Make Me A Challenge of Peace”, followed by welcome dance by the 1st year PUC students. A prayer service followed by a oath taking ceremony administered by VP Ms Charlotte D’souza. The programme was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by chief guest-Dr Malini Hebbar- Associate Professor of English at St Agnes College (Autonomous), along with other dignitaries Rev. Fr Dionysius Vaz S.J., Rector of St Aloysius Institutions, Fr Clifford Sequeira-Principal, SAPUC; Fr Vinod Paul- Finance Officer, SAPUC; Ms Charlotte D’souza- Vice Principal (B Com and Arts section); Muralikrishna G M- Vice Principal (Science section); Ms Ishara Ahmed -Vice President PTA; among others. Few verses were read from the Holy Bible, and few messages from eminent persons like Saint Mother Teresa, Abdul Kalam, and Dalai Lama, and Pope Francis were displayed on the video screen- all of them talking about PEACE!

In his welcome address, Rev Fr Clifford Sequeira S J, reflected on the nature of change and the celebrations that follow every change. He exemplified the importance of a sound moral compass and the need to stay true to the Jesuit ideals. He reminded the students that it is their duty to spread peace and harmony, especially in today’s time. He wished that their bonds of friendship survive and grow as the years pass and that they perform well in their forthcoming board exams. “Change is the only constant in our lives. We celebrated the beginning of a New Year a few weeks ago – the change from one year to another is a time of hope and promise. Sankranthi celebrated last week, also celebrates change – the change and hope that a new harvest brings with it. Here in St Aloysius, we celebrate the change this farewell will bring in your lives. And so we have come together to give thanks and bid goodbye to our outgoing students as they get set to launch into the next phase in their young lives” added Fr Clifford SJ.

Fr Clifford further said, “St Aloysius is a Jesuit institution and proud to carry on the tradition of Jesuit education in place around the world, for the last 500 years. Along with academic excellence and extracurricular opportunities we have strived to provide, I hope we have also managed to give you the right values and spiritual education so necessary as you make your way in life. Academic and other talents will throw open the doors of opportunity, but without a sound moral compass these will not leave you fulfilled. I pray that you remember our Jesuit teachings of compassion for those less fortunate and acceptance of others’ faiths and beliefs. We live in a multi-faith and pluralistic society and it is our duty as educated Indians to go out and spread the message of peace and harmony, especially in the challenging times we live in. Today is your day! I sincerely hope you have precious and warm memories to carry with you as you set out on the road ahead. I also wish that the bonds of friendship you have made will survive and grow as the years pass. I wish you all success in your forthcoming examinations and career”.

The biggest moment of the day was to listen to the speech of the Chief Guest, Dr Malini Hebbar, who apart from a associate professor of English in St Agnes College, and author of several articles and books, she holds an M Phil and PhD in English Literature; holds many eminent posts; a member of the Research Ethics Committee of Kasturba Medical College; on the sexual harassment and women’s grievance cell of NITTE University, Mangaluru, BOS of SDM Ujire and school of social work, Toastmasters international, inner wheel and Samatha. A perfect speaker for the perfect Aloysians who are stepping further into their future career.

Dr Malini Hebbar drew the attention of the student body to the line in the invite which exhorted the students to find what sparks a light in them so that they could illuminate the world. Elaborating on the words, Dr Hebbar said that while eudaimonia – happiness/ welfare is every individual’s right, it should get extended to social welfare too. Dr Hebbar made examples of Mark Zuckerberg and Palam Kalyanasundaram to urge students to serve the community to which they belonged even as they enhanced their talent and knowledge, while focusing on hard work. She reflected on Dr Abdul Kalam’s words and asked students to focus on the 3 C’s – Chance, Choice & Change, so as to emerge as successful individuals. She also applauded the efforts of the college in establishing itself as an institution of excellence. Citing various examples, Dr Hebbar urged the students to find the spark in their hearts and to rethink their commitment to the world. She motivated the students to make an impact on the world and to change it for the good. In closing, she wished the students the very best in their life. Quoting Subroto Bagchi’s book ‘Go, Kiss the World’, she concluded her message wishing the outgoing batch all the very best”.

Rector Rev. Fr Dionysius Vaz S.J. in his address asked the students to reflect on the three gifts they have received from the college, that of, academic excellence, social conscience and character formation. He motivated the students to be change makers and to be inspired by the work of Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg. He also stressed on the need to be inter-religious and intercultural, to get rid of biases and prejudices and to embrace secularism. He wished the students success in life and conveyed his best wishes for their board exams.

Azan Ibrahim and Ms. Nishel, outgoing second year students of the college, shared their experiences and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the institution. A farewell song was then sung by the staff and the first year students, followed by a video presentation of the time spent by the students in the college. Ms. Navyashree- lecturer in Maths, proposed the vote of thanks, and the programme was meticulously and professionally compered by Anitha Pinto-lecturer in Chemistry. SAPUC Deans-Dr Pradeep, Dr Ganesh Amin and Mrs Kiran Shetty also graced the occasion. Conveners of today’s program Mrs Aleen Crasta, Deepthi M and Navyashree, with their dedication, hard work organized the Valedictory Ceremony very efficiently and effectively.

In conclusion in my perspective, being a Alumnus of this institution, I say that Jesuit education motivates every student to broaden the mental horizons by excelling not only in academics and extra-curricular but also become good human beings serving the society. St Aloysius Gonzaga , Patron of this College is an example of compassion and dedication towards humankind to every youth of this campus. St Aloysius Institution, Mangaluru which began as a small institution serving a few hundred students more than 140 years ago, has today grown into a complex educational enterprise, with various units scattered all over two sprawling campuses, where more than 14,000 students, boys and girls pursue their studies in various disciplines. No doubt, St Aloysius Institutions seek to establish a congenial environment in which those of diverse cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs can participate in the community, in the spirit of co- operation and mutual respect.

Why I say that St Aloysius institution is a renowned and prestigious institution, because being an alumni myself, I have experienced all the good things from the Jesuits, the teachers and staff of this Alma Mater right from my 1st standard till B Sc. And I am quite sure for all these 2000 plus boys and girls who got excellent education here, probably was their dream come true! The Motto of St Aloysius institution is ‘Lucet et Ardet’-in Latin words which mean ‘Shine to Enkindle’ refer to the mind and heart. It is the deep desire of this Alma Mater to present to the nation and to the world men and women with minds bright with knowledge and creativity, and hearts burning with genuine love and concern for others.

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Team Mangalorean/Mangalorean.com wishes all of you students of PUC batch of 2020 every success in your future academic career and your endeavours. Go, and make a change in the society and the World! Ending this column with a thought-provoking song “Take Your Candle and Go Light The World”-

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