With Theme ‘A Symphony of Diversity’ Annual Day’ celebrated at St Joseph School

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With Theme ‘A Symphony of Diversity’ Annual Day’ celebrated at St Joseph School, Bengaluru

  • “A fine work of art – music, dance, painting, story – has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place” – Robert McKee.

Bengaluru: This truly sums up the profound experience felt by one and all present at The Annual Day – A Symphony of Diversity which was the extravaganza organized by St Joseph’s School on 25th November 2023 at the school grounds. The theme for the evening was HARMONY – the mingling of creativity, rhythm and melody that brought to life a harmonious medley of talents from the amazing children. The Annual Day has always been a much-anticipated event which showcases the budding talents of the students of the school through dance and drama.

The evening began solemnly with the invocation dance followed by the lighting of the lamp which set the stage for the amazing evening ahead. The Annual Report gave the gathering an explicit overview of the past year’s events conducted by the school. Ms Nirmala Briggs extended a warm and eloquent welcome to the Chief Guest and all the dignitaries present on the dais. The welcome address was followed by the release of the newsletter “Josephite Chronicles”. A book authored by the honourable Chief Guest, “Fillipisms-3333 Maxims” was released on this occasion.

Ms Poornima gave an inspiring introduction to the Chief Guest Dr. Prateep V Philip, IPS, Former Director General of Police, CB-CID, Tamil Nadu, whose exemplary career and accolades left everyone in awe of him. The event was presided over by Rector Rev Fr Joseph D’Souza, Principal Rev Fr Rohan D’Almeida, Vice Principal Sr Sheena, Rev Fr Cyril Menezes SJ, Director, SJIC PUC, Mr Vinod Amritraj Principal SJIC PUC, Rev Fr John Baptist SJ, Director and Principal of St Joseph’s Community College, Sr Jane Benita, Headmistress of SJIPS, Rev Fr John Lang SJ, Finance Officer, Rev Fr Felix Anand SJ, Director, Inigo Sadan, teacher coordinators and representatives of the Alumni Association and PTA.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Prateep V Philip, an eminent alumnus of our Jesuit Institution addressed the gathering and left a strong impact with his words filled with unshakeable faith in God as he motivated the children to excel in life, have deep faith in God and always keep trying to improve oneself. His motivational address set the tempo for the energetic evening that followed.

Our beloved Rector, Rev Fr Joseph D’Silva in his address, quoting from Shakespeare, spoke of the 450-year legacy of Jesuit Institutions and the guiding principle behind the motto of the institution. His words invoked deep pride and respect for the Jesuit traditions. Kahlil Gibran has beautifully said “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

Principal Rev Fr Rohan D’Almeida along with the Chief Guest and the dignitaries inaugurated the cultural event. The cultural extravaganza began with an invocation dance – a fusion of various classical dance forms in India.

In a world characterized by diversity, cultural events serve as a bridge between people of different backgrounds and traditions. St Joseph’s School proudly boasts of an amalgamation of people from various regions, cultures and walks of life. The performances of the evening resonated with the evening’s theme “Harmony – a symphony of diversity” which showcased the traditions and art forms that have been passed down through generations, ensuring that these precious elements of our collective identity continue to thrive.

The tableau brought to life the theme of the evening Harmony – a harmonious existence not only with fellow beings but with all creatures on the earth. The mime enactment kept the audience enthralled with their animated performance. The grand finale was mesmerizing and kept the audience on their feet with their amazing performance and displays.

In contrast to the discord around the world, the dances and plays of the day touched the hearts of all the guests gathered in the evening. The vote of thanks was rendered by student representative Rayden. As the evening drew to an end, a sense of nostalgia filled the air as the guests and students left with a heart filled with gratitude for the exhilarating evening. The event served as a reminder that our differences are not barriers but rather threads that weave together the rich tapestry of human experience.

The feedback shared by the parents of our students are as follows:

” The kids performed gracefully and confidently. The whole experience was overwhelming. Big screens helped us to see the performance to the max possibility. Your vision and directions, the hard work of teachers and the dedication of the children performing were superb. We wish the very best to the school management, the Teachers, the PTA, Parent Volunteers and all the children who together delivered an outstanding experience last evening. The Theme – ‘Harmony and Symphony of Diversity’ was depicted in each and every performance. Thank you once again for this wonderful performance”- Parents of Lavith 7A and Rachit 2D.

“Congratulations! The Annual Day was fantastic. I have not seen any Annual Day as lovely as this. You are a visionary.

“The annual day program was excellent. The whole event was very well organized, and the cultural program was very good. Hats off to the Annual Day committee for their selfless efforts. Great job!!”

“The Annual Day program was well organized Father, enjoyed every moment. The theme on Harmony and Diversity was an excellent choice and every performance stressed the importance of the same”.

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