Withdraw ‘objectionable’ Fevikwik ad: Hindu group

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Mumbai (IANS) The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Monday demanded immediate withdrawal of the “objectionable” advertisement for an adhesive aired on various TV channels depicting an Indian jawan fixing the shoes of a Pakistani soldier and an apology from the manufacturer for the “extremely tasteless” ad.

“This is highly improper depiction of our brave soldiers on the borders. If Pidilite fails to take immediate action and withraw the ad, we shall launch an agitation against them,” HJS national spokesperson Ramesh Shinde told IANS.

He said in the ad, during the retreat ceremony regularly conducted on the India-Pakistan border post at Wagah, an Indian soldier is shown as fixing a torn boot of a Pakistani soldier with the help of Fevikwik.

“When our soldiers are protecting the nation day and night and endangering their lives, it is totally intolerable to witness an Indian soldier paying obeisance to a Pakistani under the pretext of fixing his shoe,” Shinde said.

He claimed that the ad has hurt the sentiments of millions of Indians especially as it insults the soldiers and the people of the country.

Shinde said that it was unfortunate that this and many other objectionable ads are blatantly aired on TV channels as there is no regulating body to control the content they depict.

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