Woes on Traffic Issues, Bad Road Humps, illegal Parking, etc Dominate ‘Janaspandana’ Meeting

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Woes on Traffic Issues, Bad Road Humps, Illegal Parking, etc Dominate the ‘Janaspandana’ Meeting

Mangaluru: Following the Phone-In programme by the Police Commissioner Anupam Agarwal where he took care of 32 callers who had complained about civic issues and traffic issues etc once again Traffic-related concerns took centre-stage during the Janaspandana programme chaired by city police commissioner Anupam Agarwal Issues such as city buses failing to operate or complete the last trips of the day, and non-operation of bus services in the late evening was brought to the notice of the police commissioner, at a meeting held at the police commissioner conference hall.

The first person to raise his concern was Rtn Robert Franklin Monteiro from Bajpe where he mentioned several traffic issues in the Bajpe area. He said on a lighter side of the vein. “When planes are moving at high speed above Bajpe residents, on the road we also have high-speed planes (referring to vehicles) which are putting human lives in jeopardy. Plus we have potholes and bad roads which are hazardous”. In response, the city police chief directed ACP North Subdivision Mahesh Kumar Naik to convene a meeting in Bajpe along with traffic and law and order sub-inspectors and look into the issues. He also assured a visit to the area soon.

Senior citizen Mrs Choodamani brought to the notice of the Top Cop that buses failed to operate to Akash Bhavan after 7:30 pm, causing inconvenience to working women. Seats should be strictly reserved for senior citizens and the physically challenged in buses, she said. Another citizen said that while there was a demand for a separate traffic police station for Moodbidri, the traders from the Hampankatta area said that placing barricades by the side of the road did not serve the purpose. While the business was hit, there was no space for the pedestrians to cross the road at the signal.

The senior police officers said that measures are being taken to avoid traffic congestion. The commissioner promised to look into the issue, after discussing the same with the Mangaluru Smart City Limited officials. Activists like G Bhat and Hanumath Kamath raised issues such as the unscientific Hamilton Circle posing a threat, and the closure of a bus bay on Mulki Sunder Ram Shetty Road near St Aloysius College leading to congestion on the stretch. Hanumantha Kamath demanded action against the commercial use of basement parking areas in buildings.

When the issue of stolen mobiles was raised, the commissioner stressed the creation of more awareness on the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) portal, including putting up posters on buses. The public also raised the issue of speed-breakers on interior roads, the need for painting the road humps and action to check the discharge of water from fish trucks. A demand for traffic control vehicles was also placed.

When Siddiq Talapady raised the issue of an increase in drug menace and expressed concern about the youth falling prey to it, he urged the commissioner to follow up after the arrests of sellers were made and also to arrest the suppliers of drugs. In reply the police commissioner said that in the last 10 days, over 60 cases have been booked. Four teams have been formed and are checking places frequently visited by the public and individuals suspected of drug consumption, including at Talapady. “The public should cooperate with the police and provide information about drug-related issues. The identity of the informers will remain confidential,” the commissioner said.

Walter Menezes from Valencia said, “Road humps should be marked with stripes; school buses should not be allowed to be parked by the roadside, which is seen on Bendore road and other places; should take action against reckless KL registered vehicles; zebra crossing should be painted with black and white stripes” and in reply, top cop sad that he will do the needful.

President Umanath Kotekar of Shree Amba Maheshwari Seva Trust said that the Trust is actively collaborating with the local authorities to solve the issues that are affecting the public. He raised a few concerns,  “Due to the Fast movement of vehicles, crossing the road between Hamilton Circle to Rao & Rao Circle is challenging for the public. So, we would suggest adding at least 2 humps and Zebra Crossings on this road; with the Requirement of a bus bay at Bolar Junction. Since there is an un-concreted part in the bolar junction road, the bus has to stop in the middle of the road which disturbs the other vehicle movements; Traffic blocks in Mangaladevi Traffic jams in front of temple premises are caused by uneven parking and heavy vehicles moving around. Heavy vehicles such as goods and fish waste vehicles can be directed towards Monkeystand – Marnamikatte pass road”.

“Irregularities in Gujjarakere Park area. Uneven parking around Gujjarakere Lake is causing problems for moving vehicles. Locals have observed some illegal and immoral activities taking place in and around the park area after 8 PM. Increasing police patrols at night would solve this issue; Level crossings on Pandeshwar and Goods Shed roads are causing traffic congestion. Not following the road rules by some public is causing other vehicles to wait for long hours; Buses, Trucks and other vehicles halted on the road opposite Carmel School. Traffic chaos during school hours can be avoided by not allowing the vehicles to park on the road; One way is Nandigudda Road and Vaman Nayak Road. To avoid vehicle blocking in Nandigudda junction we suggest you make one way the above-mentioned roads. We would like to join hands with you to find a way out of these inconveniences caused and faced by us,” he added.

DCP (Law & Order) Siddharth Goyal and CCP (crime & Traffic) Dinesh Kumar BP, ACP Mahesh Kumar Naik other ACPs and other senior officers were present.

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