Workshop held at Roshni on ‘Voice for Changes: Uniting to Restore Human Dignity’ by Dr PM Nair

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Workshop held at Roshni on ‘Voice for Changes: Uniting to Restore Human Dignity’ by Dr PM Nair

Mangaluru: The Anti-Human Trafficking Club (AHTC), Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), The Post Graduate Department of Criminology and Forensic Science, School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru in collaboration with Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra, Bendur, Mangaluru organized a workshop on the theme “Voice for Changes: Uniting to Restore Human Dignity” held on 24th February 2024 at 10:30 am in the College Auditorium.

Dr Saritha D’Souza, Head of the Post Graduate Department of Criminology and Forensic Science cum Chairperson, AHTC of the college gave an introductory note on the purpose of organizing the workshop. She stated that the student community has the collective power to drive change, to be the eyes and ears of the society. The workshop aims to generate public awareness and build a sustainable student-led movement against Human Trafficking. Youth has the potentiality to be a vibrant and powerful voice to build a nation free of exploitation she said. Sr. Leena D Costa B S Coordinator, Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra, introduced the Resource person by highlighting his achievements and awards in the field of Law enforcement.

Chief Guest Dr P M Nair, IPS (Retd), Former Director General of Police, NDRF, Government of India was the resource person. He spoke about the trafficking cases such as Jaipur Bangle Business case, online issues faced by individuals, such as cyber grooming, cyber fraud, Steganography, enticement, etc. He also discussed about what individuals typically do in such cases and what should actually be done. He further questioned, are people aware that those working in massage parlours, slaughterhouses and children begging on the streets are often victims of trafficking? Do they choose to be in those situations? Are they there solely due to poverty? Is someone profiting by exploiting and placing them in such circumstances? Later, he discussed the various types of human trafficking, including trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking for exploitative labour, trafficking for physical exploitation and trafficking for slavery.

Furthermore, Dr Nair discussed the distinction between prostitution and human trafficking, emphasizing that not all instances of trafficking result in involvement in prostitution. Thereafter, he elaborated on the reasons for trafficking such as poverty, disasters, lack of access to rights, illiteracy, neglect or absence of community and family care, and ignorance of rights. Technology has made human trafficking problems worse as traffickers use the internet to connect and exploit victims, especially children. However, there are positive examples like Mizoram’s Cyberdome, showing how technology can also help. Initiatives such as Cyberdome highlight the potential of using technology to fight against human trafficking. It’s important to find a balance by addressing negative impacts and using innovative technological solutions. He spoke about the rules concerning trafficking – explaining what the laws are and how they work to prevent and punish trafficking.

The Guest of Honour, Dr Paul G Aquinas, Professor of Social Work, Post Graduate Department cum Chairperson- Anti Human Trafficking Cell, Mangaluru University spoke about the concept of Human trafficking and shared his experience in taking up three projects on the relevant field in Mangaluru. Further, he also mentioned that many social activists studied in this institution are doing commendable work in various places. He advised that as students of social work, we should help each other and help the people who are trafficked.

Gururaj, Police Inspector, Mangaluru South Police Station, Pandeshwar, Mangaluru shared his experience of handing cases regarding human trafficking during his probationary period in Chikkaballapur in 2007. He spoke about the importance of POCSO Act 2012 and the difficulties the Police department had faced before its implementation.

On this Occasion Memorandum of Understanding is signed between the School of Social Work, Mangaluru and the Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra, Bendur, Mangaluru for the Mutual Academic Pursuit such as Extension Services, Out-Reach Programme, Skill Development Programme, Training, Research and other related areas. Sr. Santhi Priya B.S. Director, Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra, Bethany Social Service Trust (BSST), Bendur, Mangaluru formally exchanged the MOU.

Dr Jenis Mary, Vice-Principal, School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru delivered her presidential address stressing upon the importance of lending hands to those children who are in need of care and protection. She also shared her experience participating in the training programme for the Anti-human trafficking at Hyderabad. She appreciated the efforts taken by the organizing team of the workshop. She acknowledged the services provided by the Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendre and assured the support of the institution to work collaboratively.

Sr. Meera Mathew, President Amrat Talitha Kum India, Dr Jacinta D’Souza, Former Principal of the institution, Prof. Evelyn Benis, Secretary Institute of Social Services, Colin D’Souza, Director of Family Service Agency, Niketh P S Asst. professor, Post Graduate Department of Criminology and Forensic Science, Amra, student coordinator of AHTC, Teaching and Non-teaching faculties of the college, Student representative of 9 colleges of Dakshina Kannada district were present on this occasion.

Roshan D’Souza, Asst. Professor, Post Graduate Department of Criminology and Forensic Science cum convenor of AHTC welcomed the gathering, Athira V J Asst. Professor, Post Graduate Department of Criminology and Forensic Science cum Faculty Coordinator of Forensis Forum delivered the vote of thanks, Shresta Mendon, Second year student of MSc CFS compered the whole event. Jyothsna, Student of Second MSc CFS cum Media Coordinator compiled the report. Altogether, 150 participants were present for the workshop.

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