World Bunts Federation Holds Special Meeting in Abu Dhabi

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World Bunts Federation Holds Special Meeting in Abu Dhabi

UAE: World Bunts Federation ® held a special meeting on 12th May 2018 at 11 am with the chairmanship of Padmashree Dr B R Shetty in Abu Dhabi. President of World Bunts Federation Aikala Harish Shetty, Bunts Vibhushana Awardee Dr Sunitha Shetty and Presidents of Bunts Association from other parts of the AGCC Countries including the Advisors of UAE Bunts assembled during the meet.

President of UAE Bunts, Sarvotham Shetty welcomed the meet and briefed on the initial preparation of the Federation. Later President of World Bunts Federation, Aikala Harish Shetty briefed on the aims and agenda of the Federation with ‘Buntara Nadige Pragathiya Kadege’ footsteps so far and while explaining of the future plans, requested Bunts organizations worldwide to support in this matter. Currently, there are 106 Bunts Associations worldwide with 6 Associations in the Arabian Gulf and all these Associations are affiliated with the World Bunts Federation, he said.

Those who participated in the meet include Nagesh Shetty, President Bahrain Bunts along with his wife Shubha Nagesh Shetty, Shashidhar Shetty, President of Oman Bunts, Shekar Shetty, President of Kuwait Bunts, Mahesh Hegde & Dr Poornima Mahesh Hegde Representatives of Saudia Bunts, Karnoor Mohan Rai from Mumbai Bunts, Naveen Shetty Yedmar from Mangalore, Advisors of UAE Bunts, Sudhir Kumar Shetty, Premnath Shetty, Bhagya Premnath Shetty, Gunasheel Shetty, Veenadhar Shetty, B K Ganesh Rai, Jyothika Harsh Shetty, Committee Members of 2019 UAE Bunts, Santosh Rai, Ravi Shetty, Sudhir Rai, Radhika Sudhir Rai, Businessmen Shekar Shetty, Sunder Shetty, Harsh Shetty, Sajan Shetty and Seema Nirman Shetty were present.

The following commitments were finalized in the meet:

• To provide monetary assistance in the marriage of the daughters from the needy family.
• To assist in the home building for those families who are homeless.
• To support those students from the community who are in need to go for higher studies.
• To support those sportsmen in continuing their activities further.
• Help those downtrodden community members in their medical assistance.
• To take care of those old aged seniors in the absence of the support from their family in providing them shelter in old age homes.
• Providing proper guidance to those eligible brides from the community into arranging proper marriage proposals so that they do not fall prey into unwanted opportunists.
• To make the community unions stronghold with the law enforcement.
• To encourage the community youngsters to adopt to the culture and tradition of the community

And few more points were discussed and agreed during the meet.

Representatives for various parts of the world were identified and elected. Sarvotham Shetty for the entire Gulf, For the Far East & Western Countries Sudhir Kumar Shetty were selected to take over the position.

All the members from various parts of the world registered their names and paid the membership in recognition of their registration.

Karnoor Mohan Rai rendered the vote of thanks.

Dr B R Shetty arranged the hospitality for all the invitees.

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