World Record Holder Aadi Swaroopa Who Writes With Both Hands at a Time, Aims for Guinness Record

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World Record Holder, Namma Kudla’s 16-year-old Miss Aadi Swaroopa, studying at Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra ( a Study Centre), Mangaluru Who Writes with both hands simultaneously, Aims to enter into the Guinness Book of World Records- and TODAY (15 September) on her Birthday, while she enters sweet sixteen, this Record is a birthday Gift for her, says her dad, Gopal Gopadkar. Through the unique Visual Memory Art of Swaroopa, this talented girl can summarize in an art form, an entire lesson in one sheet..

Mangaluru : 16-year-old Namma Kudla’s girl Aadi Swaroopa of Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra, Mangaluru has an innate ability to write with both hands, simultaneously. Through her left hand she can do mirror writing, even as she is able to present the alphabet in a common way using her right hand simultaneously. Her dad, Gopal Gopadkar aka Gopadkar, the director of Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra, giving demonstration of her ambidextrous ( able to use the right and left hands equally well) talent and ability to master her mind, a trait seen in her as a 2 1/2 -year-old child, Aadi, who wants to become an IAS Officer, and also aims to enter into Guinness Book of World Records, said she will appear for SSLC examinations next year as private candidate. “Settings of the formal schooling system and demand it places on students instilled fear in her and she has not set foot in a school since” says her dad.

Aadi has created a world record for writing the most number of words with both hands simultaneously in one minute. The ambidextrous Aadi set the record by writing a whopping 45 words in unidirectional style, using both hands in just one minute-the earlier record was for 25 words in a minute. Her feat was declared as an exclusive world record by LATA Foundation organization of Rai Bareli of Uttar Pradesh, which gives seekers a platform to showcase their unique and distinctive talent. She has attempted the record since 21 July 2020, Aadi has been able to push this world limit to 50 and her constant practice will help her achieve 60 words, asserts her dad.

She is the fastest writer with a speed of 40 words per minute. Aadi initiated this practice in Swaroopa Kendra, run by her parents, Gopadkar and Mrs Sumadkar, as a creative home task. From the two years plus, she has developed this to write with both hands together, and has never been to a regular formal school. And during lock down period she herself searched ten different styles of writing in both hands simultaneously. They are: UNI DIRECTION , LEFT HAND SPEED , RIGHT HAND SPEED, REVERSE RUNNING, MIRROR IMAGE , HETERO TOPIC , HETERO LINGUISTIC , EXCHANGE , DANCING, and BLIND FOLDING. This technique, which will activate both left and right brains completely at the same time, will be the exclusive possibility for the education sector of the country. Apart from this, Aadi is well versed in literature, music, Yakshagana, painting, mimicry, beat-box, excellent memory power and Rubik’s Cube.

Aadi Swaroop seen with her parents Gopal Gopadkar and Mrs Sumadkar

Her mother, Mrs Sumadkar speaking to Team Mangalorean about Aadi said, ” Since 2½ years age, Aadi accompanied Swaroopa’s Education Jatha across Karnataka, continued till 2019 Annual Jaatha’s and participated in more than 1600 programmes and staged her talent show along with the group. Besides this personally, she has given Mimicry, Beat Box and memory shows and inspired 1000’s of students. She started reading at the age of one and a half year, and at the age of two and a half years, Aadi used to write nearly 30 pages per day. This technique could trigger both the left and right past of the brain that might flourish creatively. So this could be a rare opportunity of tremendous possibilities in the education arena. She is planning to set world records in other talents also”

Interested in Music, Aadi is learning Hindustani Music from Pandit Ravi Kiran- Manipal; Yakshagana from Vidhushi Sumangala Rathnakar; and Guitar & Keyboard through online. She has composed poems and notes of SSLC syllabus and sung for 10 C.D.s. Being a sharp reader of both Kannada and English, Aadi writes stories, poems and novels. A collection of 40 stories in single (Aadhiya Kathe Anthya Nive Heli) has been released on her 10th Birthday. Same week she conducted a one man show Exhibition of her 40 paintings at Prasad Art gallery Mangaluru. She has given programmes in All India Radio, Namma T.V. and other local and National channels, in groups.

Aadi Swaroopa loves to learn general knowledge packages for continuous Memory development, like: All the Taluks of Karnataka, name of 736 districts of India, 64 Vidyas, 101 Kauravas. She has set records by drawing a visual memory Art of one complete lesson in a single paper has a special memory technique. She can register and recall 1000 things given at random associated with a number within 4 to 5 seconds. She can record and recall 1000 of phone numbers. She can solve RUBIC CUBE in 45 seconds, and has set a Guinness record as a group event under association of Pruthwish Brahmavara. Another area of interest is study of psychology, discussing and critical analyzing. Her passion is to read 100 of novels along with her busy schedule as multi tasks. She writes stories, poems, novels, too.

Aadi’s parents say that what their daughter does is not for setting records, instead she is following Multi task education in which everyone can be alert for 16 hours a day and utilize the time and capability to explore new talents along with good academic performance. This is to achieve something great in order to inspire other children.

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