Yakshdhruva Patla Foundation Trust’s – UAE Unit holds Special Meet in Dubai

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Yakshdhruva Patla Foundation Trust’s – UAE Unit holds Special Meet in Dubai

UAE: Yakshadruva Patla Foundation Trust (R) – UAE Unit held a special meet on 18th of May, 2018 at 5:00 pm in Fortune Grand Hotel Auditorium under the call from the President Sarvotham Shetty.

It started with the prayer by Kum. Sharanya Venkatesh Shastri. Gen. Secretary of UAE Unit, Vittal Shetty welcomed the audience and invited Chief Guest, Founder President of Yakshadruva Patla Foundation Satish Shetty Patla, who is also a well-known artiste of Shri Kshetra Kateel Mela. Other guests on the dais include Sarvotham Shetty, Praveen Shetty, Ravi Shetty, Gunasheel Shetty, Harish Bangera, Ganesh Rai and Shodhan Prasad who jointly inaugurated the meet with the traditional lighting of the lamp.

Arati Dinesh Shetty honoured and welcomed Guest Satish Shetty with flower bouquet while Amba Venkatesh Shastri honoured Guest Ravi Shetty (Treasurer of Yakshadruva Patla Foundation) with a flower bouquet.

About ‘Yakshadhruva Patla Foundation Trust’

Yakshadhruva Patla Foundation Trust was established on 14th September 2015 in the coastal town of Mangalore which is the birthplace of the oldest form of art called ‘Yakshagana Ballet’. The sole aim of this foundation is to assist and support the real needy artistes of ‘Yakshagana’ who have served and entertained the people not only from Karnataka but also around the world. With the encouragement of like-minded people, today the Foundation has over 30 units in various part of the globe. In a short span of 32 months the foundation was able to collect charity worth over Rs. 3.5 crores and have distributed Rs 50,000 each for around 73 real needy artistes of ‘Yakshagana’ which is worth mentioning.

All the local Units have distributed monetary assistance to around 60 needy artistes, around 300 needy artistes received Accidental Insurance (covering 3 lakhs rupees medical expenses followed by accident & accidental death cover of 8 lakh rupees), around 15 needy artistes received 25 thousand rupees each for medical assistance, 8 needy artistes received accidental benefits, those families who lost their dear ones received 50 thousand rupees per family as benefits and 12 needy artistes received monetary contribution for building their own houses.

The children of those artistes who excelled in their academics were honoured with Gold Medals, some needy artistes children were supported with student scholarships & honoured. Also, well-known artistes received ‘Patla Prashashti’ Award with 1 lakh rupee each as award money. The families of those needy artistes also received free medical assistance with medicines as required. Blood donation campaigns were also held during the ‘Patla Sambrama’ programmes.

Publication of ‘Amburuha’ book written by the famous Bottikere Purushotham Poonja with 30 classic ‘Kusha Lava’ themes, 14 themes of ‘Jayalakshmi’ illustrations written by Balipa Narayan Bhagavathar was released and around 200 students were trained in ‘Yakshagana Ballet’ free of cost.

‘Patla Free Housing Programme’

Under the Trust, there are plans to build 100 houses for those 100 needy artistes who do not have proper housing facility and whom these houses will be distributed free of cost. The programme has already begun and currently, 2 artistes have received the houses. Not only that, the needy artistes will also receive an amount of one thousand rupees for their monthly expenses.

The main person behind this, the founder president of Yakshadhruva Patla Foundation Trust, Satish Shetty Patla, on the occasion briefed about the Trust achievements so far & plans for the future. He then thanked all those donors who have made this possible.

The Advisors of the UAE Unit of the Foundation, Vakvadi Praveen Shetty, Gunasheel Shetty, Guest Ravi Shetty, Tulu Film Producer Shodhan Prasad, Organisers, B.K. Ganesh Rai and Krishnaraj Tantri spoke on the occasion and applauded the activities of the Trust. They also wished all the best for the future endeavours of the Trust.

Praveen Kumar Shetty and Gunasheel Shetty jointly agreed to contribute the expenses of one house under the 100 house building plan of the Trust.

Later Sarvotham Shetty, the president of the UAE Unit of the Trust while thanking those donors who have contributed last year, announced that he will strive to double the contribution from last year’s contribution. He also applauded the programme and agenda of ‘Yakshadhruva Patla Foundation Trust’ and thanked them.

Guest Ravi Shetty was honoured with shawl and flower bouquet.

Dubai Children’s to present Yakshagana in Mangalore

‘Yaksha Mithraru Dubai’ Group has come forward to present ‘Yekadhashi Vrutha Mahatme’ Yakshagana ballet as a part of the ‘Yakshadhruva Patla Sambrama 2018’ Celebrations to be held at Adyar Gardens, Mangalore on 27th May 2018 and this will be presented by the children’s group of ‘Yaksha Mithraru’ Dubai.

Dinesh Shetty Kottinja the convener or Yaksha Mitraru Dubai requested support for the programme while Rajesh Kuthar concluded the vote of thanks.

Vittal Shetty carried out the programme as Master of Ceremony.

Committee Members – UAE Unit of Yakshadhruva Patla Foundation Trust ®

Honorary President’s – Sudhir Kumar Shetty & Vasudev Bhat
President – Sarvotham Shetty
Vice President’s – Harish Sherigar, Chidanand Poojary, Venkatesh Shastri Puttige, Satish Poojary & Suresh Bhat Soorinje.
Secretary: Vittal Shetty
Joint Secretaries: Vasu Kumar Shetty & Vishwanath Shetty
Treasurer: Dinesh Shetty Kottinja
Conveners: Shekar Shettigar, B.K. Ganesh Rai & Rajesh Shetty
Advisors: Vakvadi Praveen Kumar Shetty, Gunasheel Shetty, Premnath Shetty, Harish Bangera, Yathis Shetty, Satish Venkataramana, Vikram Shetty, Raghuram Shetty, Prabhakar Suvarna, Prashanth Shetty, Chethan Rai, Jayaram Rai, Prashanth Shetty & 16 members Committee.

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