Young Temple Priest Rides through 3 Countries on Harley Davidson to spread awareness on Water Scarcity

Young Temple Priest Rides through 3 Countries on Harley Davidson to spread awareness on Water Scarcity

Udupi: In the early days religious scholars were going on world tour to exhibit their talents. But in this modern age the main priest of a Temple, Nityananda Adiga completed 10500 km journey in 3 countries by road on his Harley Davidson motorbike.

Nithyananda Adiga is the chief priest in Coastal Karnataka’s very popular Kollur Sri Mookambika Temple. Nithyananda Adiga studied his primary education in Kollur and completed MBA and Vedantha studies in Mysooru. From his childhood days Nithayanada had a craze for motorbikes. In May 2019 the people of Udupi district faced accurate water scarcity. Paddy cultivation was also affected in the district. Out of concern on water Scarcity and in support of agricultural work, Nithyananda Adiga decided to create awareness among people on the use of limited water as well as the importance of Paddy cultivation.

Nithyananda Adiga started his journey on May 29 from Kollur Temple on his Harley Davidson motorbike which costs about Rs 9 lakhs. Passing through South and North India he travelled to Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. He completed his ride in 17 days and returned to Kollur on June 16.

Speaking to Nithyananda Adiga said, ” “I have been planning this trip for the past two years, but couldn’t pursue it due to other commitments. In this May we had experienced accurate water scarcity in and around the district. In our temple also we faced the water problem. Every year the water level is decreasing and I had planned to create awareness on water scarcity. Being the Temple priest it is difficult to create awareness through speeches. So I had planned to travel on my Harley Davidson motorbike across the India as well as the three nearby countries.

Farmers are the backbone of our country; unfortunately today cultivation of paddy has declined in our country. We are now dependent on other countries for food grains. Without enough water, cultivation has become difficult. Wherever I have gone, I have created awareness among the people on saving water. Along the way, a lot of people came and congratulated me. They wanted to take selfies with me, said Adiga.