Youth arrested for Raping Calf in Kunjathbail

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Youth Arrested for Raping Calf in Kunjathbail

Mangaluru: In a shocking incident a man has been arrested by the police on July 18, in Kunjathbail for raping a calf after tying its limbs.

The arrested has been identified as Mohammad Ansari from Jharkhand.

According to sources, Mohammad Ansari tied the limbs of a calf with rope in the fields in Kunjathabail and raped it. When he was in the act, the locals reached the spot and caught him, they also captured the incident in their mobile. The locals also found a bottle of oil in Ansari’s shirt pocket.

Angry locals then handed over the accused to the police. The accused has been arrested and a case has been filed against him in the Kavoor Police Station.

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