Zayn Malik meditates to relax

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London, April 6 (IANS) Since leaving the ‘One Direction’ band and facing cheating allegations over his fiancee Perrie Edwards, singer Zayn Malik has taken to transcendental meditation in an attempt to combat the stress and pressures of fame while on holiday in France.

“To cope with the stress of everything, Zayn has taken to transcendental meditation,” quoted a source as saying.

“It’s really helped him to relax while he’s away in the south of France. He locks himself away in his bedroom and shuts off from the world. With all the pressures he’s under, it’s really good for his mindset. It’s helped Zayn focus on where he’s at and what he has to do next,” the source added.

The source further revealed that it’s a new technique for the 22-year-old to combat the pressures of fame as he attempts to embark on his own solo career.

“He was never a spiritual person before, but this has really opened his eyes, and he’s become enlightened because of it.

“He will definitely benefit from this practice when he starts his solo career – and it hopefully will mean he won’t feel the same pressures as before,” the source added.

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