ZP Holds Informative Workshop on SDT for Transgenders of Parivarthan Charitable Trust

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ZP Holds Informative Workshop on SDT for Transgenders of Parivarthan Charitable Trust

Mangaluru: To bring transgenders to the mainstream and to let them lead a respectful life, the Parivarthan Charitable Trust is striving hard and has been holding various programmes. On June 6, the Zilla Panchayat in association with the Women and Child Development Department, RUDSET, Agricultural Research Centre, KGTTI and Lead Bank, organized an informative workshop on skill development training for transgenders at the Zilla Panchayat.

Project Director T S Lokesh welcomed the gathering. Addressing the gathering, Professor of Aquatic Biology and Head of Agricultural Research Centre Dr Shivakumar Magada said, “Where there is a will, there is a way. To come up in life there are plenty of opportunities but one should grab them. There are various ways to create jobs such as farming, mushroom cultivation, agriculture, poultry, bakery items, ornamental fish farming, etc. If you have ancestral property, you can utilize that land for farming. I will render my full support to train you so that you can stand on your own feet and progress in life.”

Responding to Dr Shivakumar, Secretary of Parivarthan Charitable Trust Sanjana said, “We are living in rented houses which we find with great difficulty. We even find it difficult to pay the rent since we depend on begging and sex work which is our only source of income. We even get harassed and beaten up by the police. Recently I was assaulted by the police. They used foul language and kicked me with their boots and no one nearby stopped them from assaulting us. If the police would have assaulted any girls, various organizations would have come forward demanding justice. But being transgenders, no one cares or fights against the injustice that we face. In such a situation, how can we get land for cultivation?”

Dr Magada replied, “If you have the will, I will arrange for land in our own centre. We will provide you with food and accommodation during the training. If you even come with empty hands, we will provide with financial support. We can create the “Parivarthan Brand” for your products. When we render our support, you should have the will to accept it, set a goal and achieve success. I was not aware of the problems that you face in society. After attending this meeting, I have come to realize the real pain of transgenders in society. I congratulate the founder of Parivarthan Charitable Trust Violet Pereira for thinking of the welfare of the most neglected in the society and striving to bring them to the mainstream.”

Dr Magada further said, “The state government launched the ‘Indira Canteen’. Now the government has also started ‘Saviruchi Kaithuthhu’ project to empower women. It is a modern and hygienic canteen. If the transgenders are interested, they can take up this project.”

Responding to this, member of Parivarthan Charitable Trust Zarina said, “We are good at cooking. But who will to come to our canteen to have food? Society does not accept us. It does not treat us as humans. If people will not accept our food, how can we start a canteen?”

Project Director T S Lokesh said, “Through Parivarthan Trust, we can provide food prepared by transgenders for government-sponsored programmes. We can bring changes in the government system through Parivarthan.”

Senior faculty of RUDSET James D’Souza, Lead Bank Manager Francis, Deputy Director of DK Women and Children Welfare Association Sundar Poojary, KJTTI staff Megha and Priya briefed on the various skill development courses in their respective institutions.

Founder of Parivarthan Charitable Trust, Violet Pereira said that the main aim of the trust is to create awareness among people that transgenders are also humans like us and bring them to the mainstream. “From the past two years, the trust has been striving hard to meet the needs of the transgenders. Whenever there is an assault on any of the transgenders, we have intervened and solved their problems. I request the transgenders to be punctual while attending any programmes. Since you have plenty of opportunities, you need to utilize them. Attending workshops but not taking advantage of opportunities will not serve the purpose. Today, the CEO of Zilla Panchayat has taken special interest to provide you with skill development training and help you in finding employment or to be self-employed,” she said, thanking Project Director Lokesh for his initiative in organizing this programme. She also thanked Dr Shivakumar Magada for briefing and supporting the transgenders to take up training at the Agriculture centre.

Expressing her grief, Sanjana said, “The trust is trying to bring us to the mainstream. I have completed my beautician course and I am working in a beauty parlour. But recently when I was out in public sitting with two of my friends (also transgenders), the police used foul language and assaulted the three of us. If a girl was in my place, various organizations would have come forward and protested against the police but no one has come forward to provide justice to us. We have the desire to lead a normal life in society. But the society is ill-treating us. Our only request is to treat us like human beings and help us to lead a normal and respectful life.”

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