ZP member Sumith Shetty Escapes Armed Attack

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ZP member Sumith Shetty Escapes Armed Attack

Karkala: Five persons were reported to be injured after a fierce clash erupted between two groups in Bailoor, following an armed attack on ZP member Sumith Shetty, here on June 15.


Sumith Shetty – ZP Member Bailoor

The clash between two groups followed after one of the groups attacked ZP member of Bailoor Constituency Sumith Shetty with guns and machetes. While Sumith Shetty managed to escape from the attack, his supporters are said have been injured.


The injured persons are recovering in a private hospital. Police platoons have been deployed as the situation in the area is tense.

Speaking to Mangalorean.com, Sumith Shetty said that he received an extortion call from one Praveen Varwadi, and when he refused to pay money, Praveen threatened him. Later in the evening, Sumith was attacked by armed persons near the Bailoor bus stand while he was traveling in his car but he managed to escape. This was followed by clashes between the supporters of Praveen Varwadi and Sumith Shetty at the bus stand. Sumith’s supporters are said to be injured in the clash.

A case has been registered in the Karkala Town Police Station.

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  1. DK and UDP have become the haven for rowdies and third rate goons. No law and order at all. Where is that Turkey expert who used to question the late home minister DR V S Acharya? It has become Cong I haram Raj.

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