Medical negligence: Shruthi’s Husband Decides to Fight for Justice

Medical negligence: Shruthi’s Husband Decides to Fight for Justice

Udupi: “The negligence of the doctor during my wife’s delivery caused her death and I am ready to legally fight for justice against those who are responsible for it,” said Shruthi Poojary’s husband Sandeep, here on June 19.


Speaking to, Sandeep said, “On June 6, Shruthi along with her mother went to Gandhi hospital for delivery. When she was in Bengaluru, she had regular check-ups and the doctor had said that everything was normal except the size of the baby. I was also confident about Shruthi after being assured about her health by the doctor in Bengaluru.”

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He also alleged that the doctor in the hospital did not perform a scan before her delivery. “Without the scan, the doctor attempted to perform a normal delivery. But when there was severe bleeding, the doctor performed a C-section. When there was bleeding, the doctor did not shift Shruthi to Manipal immediately; instead, the doctor was negligent. If Shruthi was shifted immediately to Manipal Hospital, she would have survived. When we reached Manipal Hospital, the doctor said that her condition was critical and later, she breathed her last,” stated Sandeep.

“We were all in shock after hearing the demise of Shruthi. When we asked the doctor in Manipal about the post mortem he said that it would take a day for the post-mortem. We were all tensed and in shock and so we cremated Shruthi near our house.”

Sandeep alleged, “Dr Chayalatha and the Gandhi Hospital is directly responsible for the death of Shruthi and I will fight a legal battle to get justice. I will approach the consumer court.”

Sandeep also said that Shruthi’s parents are in shock and were not in a position to file a complaint against the doctor and the hospital. A relative of Shruthi posted about Shruthi’s horrific death on the social media which went viral. The media approached Shruthi’s parents and informed them that there was time to file a complaint against those responsible for her death. Following this, on June 16, Shruthi’s mother filed a complaint against the doctor in the Udupi Town Police station.

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