Udupi: Man and Children Riding Bicycle Survive Leopard Chase at Kokkarne

Udupi: Krishnappa Poojary, a resident of Marali of Nalkur village near Kokkarne, had a horrifying experience on Wednesday when he and his children survived a likely attack by a leopard.

He was riding his bicycle with the children in his home vicinity and suddenly found himself being chased by a leopard. He managed to escape with children as early as possible.

Residents say that they have been facing the menace of bisons, tigers and leopards and a sense of scare prevails around.

On being enquired about the incident, the forest personnel of the range said that it was likely that the leopard had just laid its litter. The mother and the male elder of the leap of leopards are always very possessive and protective of the little ones. Any sign of threat or intrusion could enrage them. Hence they have asked the residents of the region to be watchful.

In the meantime, they have assured, a cage has been placed to capture the leopard in order to protect humans from possible attacks.

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