41 Angels receive Jesus in the form of Holy Communion at Bondel Church

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41 Angels receive Jesus in the form of Holy Communion at Bondel Church

Mangaluru: On May 12, 2024, 41 Angels of the Bondel Parish eagerly waited for this special day to become one with Jesus in the presence of the Parish clergy, parents, and well-wishers. They welcomed our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ, into their hearts for the first time with the utmost love and devotion.

The Eucharistic Celebration at 8:30 a.m. was led by Fr Stephan Rodrigues from Udupi Diocese, Fr Andrew Leo D’Souza Parish Priest, Rev Fr Peter Gonsalves-Principal St Lawrence Eng. Med. School, Fr Lancy D’Souza Assistant Parish Priest, Fr Ravi Kumar MSIJ guest priests – the relatives of the first communicants Fr Philip, Fr Felix Pinto, Fr Roshan, Fr Sylvester Vincent Pinto, Fr John Sequiera OCD, Fr Jackson Rodrigues, Fr Claudy Stany Vas, Fr Robert Pinto, Fr Richard Lasrado concelebrated the Eucharist.

Fr Andrew Leo D’Souza in his inspirational homily “The Feast of the Ascension reminds us that Jesus has opened the door for us. Though we are sinners, we have been forgiven and redeemed. We are now fully loved and accepted as God’s children, and we will live with him forever. He ascended into Heaven.” Christ’s Ascension was the culmination of God’s Divine plan for Christ Jesus – his return to his Father with his “Mission Accomplished.” He explained the purpose and importance of Holy Communion and ‘Jesus the Bread of Life’. He stated the ways in which one could grow in love with the Eucharist. The joy of welcoming Jesus into their lives and renewing their baptismal promises was evident in the cherubic smiles of the children.

Through their magnificent singing, the church choir Under the leadership of Dr Suraj inspired the congregation to take part actively in the liturgy. The Catechism Teachers rigorously prepared the liturgy so that each child could participate in the Mass introduction, word proclamation Psalm singing, penitential rite, prayers of the faithful, and thanksgiving prayers & thanksgiving hymn after communion with the highest clarity and perfection. The joy of welcoming Jesus into their lives and renewing their Baptismal Promises was evident in the cherubic smiles of the children.

Fr Stephan Rodrigues was a former student of St. Lawrence English Medium School, Bondel, the parish clergy felicitated the newly ordained priest with a shawl and flower bouquet.

Fr Stephen’s recall of his school days in his thank-you note, along with his plea that parishioners think about sending their children to seminaries, is an effective reminder of how education and faith formation influence one’s vocation As a gesture for their former student, the principle Fr Peter Gonsalves and vice principal presented Fr Stephen a bouquet.

A mother of many children was greeted with a bouquet by the parish clergy and Fr Stephan on Mothers Day, in honour of all the mothers in the parish.

The Parish Priest accepted a check for Rs 2 lakhs from the ICYM Bondel Unit for the centenary memorial projects sponsored by the BPL Cricket tournament.

The Parish Priest, Fr Andrew Leo D’Souza, praised the teachers Meena Barboza & Lilia Pinto for catechizing the first Communicants at the end of the Mass. In addition, he expressed gratitude to everyone in attendance for this special day. A certificate, a rosary, and a scapular were given to each child who received their first holy communion.

Photography: Stany Bantwal
Report: Meena Serrao Barboza

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