A Aloysian, Always an Aloysian! Raise Your Voice Against Renaming SAC Road

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A Aloysian, Always an Aloysian! Raise Your Voice Against Renaming SAC Road

A Aloysian, Always an Aloysian! Calling All Alumni of St Aloysius College to Raise Your Voice Against Renaming “St Aloysius College Road” to “Mulky Sundararama Shetty Road”. Tomorrow, 1 July, at 11 am nearly 10,000 students of St Aloysius Institution will stage a massive peaceful protest inside and outside the campus- and if needed, there will also be a peaceful protest on Sunday, 2 July along the road stretch from Dr Ambedkar (Jyothi) Circle till SAC, while the other party is having their “renaming??” ceremony- We Hope Not?

Mangaluru: “A Aloysian is Always an Aloysian”- that’s right! And I feel proud to be alumni of my Alma Mater-‘St Aloysius College/Institution, having studied there from 6th std until graduating in B Sc. Founded in 1880, St Aloysius College is the oldest college in this part of the country. Although the Institution is run primarily for the education of Catholic youth, the institution also caters to all students without distinction of caste, colour creed and language. It gives special preference for the students belonging to SC/ST and socio-economically marginalised group. SAC aims at an integral formation of the youth, striving to form individuals who are academically competent, morally strong, artistically accomplished, physically fit, socially concerned and personally balanced. Each student is encouraged to take part in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The Motto of St Aloysius institution is ‘Lucet et Ardet’-in Latin words which mean ‘Shine to Enkindle’ refer to the mind and heart. It is the deep desire of this Alma Mater to present to the nation and to the world men and women with minds bright with knowledge and creativity, and hearts burning with genuine love and concern for others. St Aloysius Institutions of the Mangalore Jesuit Educational Society, inspired by the person and mission of Jesus Christ, and guided by their motto commit themselves to spread the light of knowledge and wisdom and to kindle the ardor of faith that does justice by forming men and women for others, who are academically accomplished, emotionally balanced, morally upright, socially responsible, ecologically sensitive and professionally dedicated, so that they are a powerful force for the transformation of society.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” had said Nelson Mandela- and for that matter, the students of St Aloysius Institution have always taken their education very seriously and many of them have excelled in their academics, and have now become professionals/leaders in various field to change the world with their contribution/services. To name a few who are the alumni of SAC in various professions : Dr TMA Pai, a visionary educationist who established world famous educational center at Manipal; KS Hegde, Supreme Court Judge; Vinay Hegde, Founder of Nitte Educational Institutions; Justice Santosh Hegde, the former Lokayukta; George Fernandes, illustrious politician; Anantha Krishnan, Jayaram Bhat, Mahabaleshwar Bhat, Chairmen of Karnataka Bank Ltd; Allan Pereira, Former Chairman of Syndicate Bank; K.V.Kamath, Chairman BRICS Bank (Formerly Chairman of ICICI Bank); Dr K.V Rao, renowned scientist; Aravind Adiga, Man Booker prize winner; Padmashree Anantha Agarwal; Yenepoya Abdulla Kunhi, the founder of Yenepoya Institutions; V. G. Siddhartha -Founder, Café Coffee Day; Sudhir Shetty, CEO, UAE Exchange; K.L. Rahul, Test cricketer; Dr Shantaram Shetty- Orthopaedician; Political leaders namely Blasius D’Souza, Subbaiah Shetty, Janardhan Poojary, U.T.Khader, Ivan D’Souza, Yogish Bhat, Nagaraj Shetty and innumerable number of other former students who have made names in the fields of education, industry, politics, medicine, judiciary, sport, literature, cinema, music, environment, social work, journalism and spiritual fields.

On the other hand, we have- Mulki Sundararama Shetty a banker associated with Vijaya Bank since 1946, who joined the board of directors of the bank as Chairman from 1962, became the Hon. Chairman from 1962 to 1969 resulting in growth of Vijaya bank; and then remained as full-time Chairman till 1978. Under the Chairmanship of Shetty, Vijaya Bank steadily grew into a large All India Bank with nine smaller banks merging with it during 1963-1968. During the year 1965, the Bank registered its own logo. He too did his high school education in St Aloysius HS, Mangaluru. He joined Vijaya Bank in 1946 and became a part of its growth story. The bank diversified and first became a Scheduled bank in 1958 and then grew due to merging of nine smaller banks into it between 1963-68.The credit for this merger as well as growth goes to MSR Shetty, who was then the Chief Executive of the bank. Shetty served as full-time chairman of the bank until 1978 and died in 1981. A college was established in his memory in Shirva, Udupi district, India; and a Locality in Bengaluru is named after him. Shetty was instrumental in providing jobs to thousands of people- which is one of his great work.

But if you compare the contribution done by St Aloysius Institution and Mulky Sundararama Shetty, definitely the former has done much more contribution/service than the latter- so it is befitting to dedicate the ‘now controversial” after St Aloysius College/Institution. The Jesuits still have respect for MSR Shetty, but they don’t want to give up a street name that has been named after the institution decades ago. Although the Jesuit priests didn’t rename the street in a systematic way, by not registering it with the Municipality then- don’t we all make mistakes- but later we learn to do the right way from our mistakes. Similarly is the situation in this case.

Everyone should know that the contribution of St Aloysius Institution to the society and the nation is very unique. Apart from maintaining high academic standards, the college has been striving after value based education and training to prepare the students as responsible citizens of the nation. Needless to say that the institution is established and managed by Jesuit Fathers who are known all over the world for their selfless services in education, health care and social services. St Aloysius College has immensely contributed to making Dakshina Kannada an educational hub. St Aloysius College is the pride of Mangaluru. The College, having a glorious history of 137 years of its existence, has rendered outstanding service to the society. It is to be noted that the famous Fr Muller Hospital was established by Jesuits. The services of Fr.Muller Hospital have been recognised by naming the main road after it. In this context, the least we could all do is to appreciate the services of St Aloysius College by retaining the name of the said road as St Aloysius College Road. This is the earnest request made by the Jesuit Fathers, in a peaceful way.

So the best way to avoid future controversy in this regard is that although the permission is given by the state government and MCC in renaming this road, MCC still can negotiate with the Bank Workers Union and change its decision in renaming the said street. Also, frankly speaking, why even bother to change “St Aloysius College Road” marker to Mulki Sundararama Shetty Road”- why can’t the bankers find some other street/road and name it after their beloved Chairman. Or build a new monument or a park, and name after Him. There is already a Circle in the Mangaluru City named as “A B Shetty Circle” after Attavara Balakrishna Shetty- the founder of Vijaya Bank; also there is ‘Mulki Sundar Ram Shetty Nagar’ in Bilekahalli a Locality in Bangalore City.

When the Jesuit priests are making a humble request without stepping into protests or any warnings, MCC should intervene ASAP, discuss the situation with the bankers group and drop the idea of renaming the said street and retain the old road marker as it is. I am not blaming anyone nor I am against MS Shetty- but being an alumni of this prestigious institution and in the interest of other old students of SAC and citizens of Mangaluru, I feel however it’s not a fitting tribute to MS Shetty by changing the name of a road, which has existed and associated for years with “St. Aloysius College”. The MCC can think of a “better idea” in finding a “Better Road or a Place” to be named after MS Shetty, rather than get into all these hassles and controversy. On behalf of all the Alumni of St Aloysius Institution, I humbly request the members of the State Government, Mayor and Officials at MCC and the Board Members/members of Vijaya Bank Workers’ Organization to think again and drop the idea of renaming the said road in good terms. Thanking you all in anticipation, I have a feeling that “It WAS and ALWAYS will be St Aloysius College Road”. Long Live St Aloysius College!



Article in: (www.mangalorean.com) Jesuit Fathers Fumed over Renaming St Aloysius College Rd to MS Shetty Road


Article in: (www.mangalorean.com) ‘It WAS and ALWAYS will be St Aloysius College Road’- Say Staff and Students

‘It WAS and ALWAYS will be St Aloysius College Road’- Say Staff and Students

Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) Commissioner has advised us to submit our objections in writing, which could be posted online via Janahitha ಜನಹಿತ by following the instructions listed below.

a.) Download Janahitha ಜನಹಿತapp in your smartphone. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kmds.janahitha

b.) New users click REGISTER HERE.

c.) Enter your mobile number and click LOGIN.


f.) Select ULB : MANGALURU

g.) Select Ward : 40 COURT (or your respective MCC ward)

h.) Select Grievance Category: TOWN PLANNING i.) Select Grievance Sub Category: HERITAGE ZONES

j.) Enter Complaint Address: ST. ALOYSIUS COLLEGE ROAD


l.) Upload Photograph: Save and upload any photograph/photographs below (from the Mangalorean.com reports listed above).

m.) Click Submit Complaint and receive confirmation. Alternately your objections could be submitted by visiting; http://www.mrc.gov.in/janahita/Load Grievance Form

We request each and every SACAA Member to follow submit their said objections as soon as possible.

MCC Civic Group initiative by: Nigel Albuquerque, Ajoy D’Silva, Gerard Towers and Sumith Rao (all alumni of the school and college) and Charmaine Fernandes.


Do join us in our citizen’s initiative of zero tolerance to nonsense and standing up for our need for the sake of our future generations.

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  1. two years ago the decision was made, was the mangement of the college sleeping, very sad to say this that St.Aloysius today is just sitting on its past glory and thinks everything should naturally as it is the oldest institution, even in teaching faculty have a look at the teachers appointed and it bring back sad memories when they had the best, u can’t hire a good teachers at peanut salary, every one has a life to move on and Aloysius mgt. thinks CHALTA HAI, because our is 137+ old ha

    • Lol… guess u were either rejected or kicked off from Aloysius..Everyone over here is happy & content with what they hv and get.. if u were disappointed or had a very bad experience doesn’t mean that everyone should go through it… I do understand that u hv grown old and ur eyesight power is diminishing… lol.. kindly hv a look at the efficient & well qualified staff members that the college is having… I personally as a student feel very proud to be studying in this reputed college…. plz if u can’t support don’t pass critics … just stay quite.. nobody has asked for ur opinion about the staff or management here…

  2. Even if the name changes , everybuddy will still call the road sac road or light house hill road. Whats in name and who remmbers new names? We all still call the hampankatta end point still as “clock tower” .

  3. Why do humans start claiming things that were never theirs to claim… road nimma …???

  4. Let’s talk sense :
    Was this Road Officially named after Aloysious or was it a ploy by putting the name on the side ?
    For a road to be named the same HAS to be passed by the corporation by a meeting of the corporators ,
    The resolution and order and works order and cost of board concrete/ wood/ stone will appear in the books and expenses .
    If so they have a right for 3 years after which the corporation can change the name.
    There is no use enticing ignorant students into fighting your wrong battle .

  5. Madam Richi,
    You are deviating the topic. Even I’m obliged as I am one of the staff of the college. I have worked in couple of MNCs before taking up teaching as my profession. Just check the new appointed teachers pay scale of the college, its much above all the other colleges of mangalore and higher than the pay received by a Fresher in any industry anywhere in the country (exceptions always prevail) . Are you regretting about the pea nuts that you are getting? I doubt u being the alumni of the college. Because None who has walked out of the college has gone unsatisfied and always feels proud wen the talk of Aloysius is on. Kindly check the records of the college regarding the qualifications of the staff. Majority of the staff are Qualified as per the rules and regulations set by UGC. May not be as per ur criteria. College getting ‘star status’ in the academic year 2016-17 (remember only 16 colleges in entire country have this honour), 44th ranking out of 45,000+ colleges in NIRF ( MHRD, Govt of India. NOT PAID RANKING AS MOST OF THE COLLEGES DO) listed 2nd in the state. Is it past glory? The more old SAC, the more efficient it is. If u doubt a bit the capacity of the management just pause for a moment and think of XLRI, Loyola College, St. Joseph’s. It’s the same people who run it. 🙂 Just come over to SAC, take a campus tour interact with intellectual giants, get to know things. Kindly done blabber half cooked knowledge. And kindly support the cause because SAC has the capacity of creating hundreds of bankers. And since SAC is here from 137 years u can speak these words in English, we are the first Literate district, Mangalore is the best City to live in the nation. Just because Alsoyius doesn’t boasts about it and can’t give u legal written proof one can’t deny the fact that Aloysius is behind what mangalore is today. And for your kind information I am not writing this to get some more pea nut. All the best good luck. Kindly support the cause. Come to meet is for any help we have full time counsellors too 🙂 (none other college has as per as my knowledge)

  6. I have great regard for various educational institutes.

    Some of them provide education for love, and some of them do it for love of some money. I am not sure which category this particular institute belongs.

    I have read a few articles in the media regarding the disappointment of the owners, staff and students of the institute when they came across the news that the stretch of road adjacent to the institute is getting a new name.

    This article suggests there would a “massive protest” and other attention-grabbing actions. Hopefully no one gets hurt.

    But what I am really confused about are the following points:
    1. How many times (at least since Independence) did the road OFFICIALLY get named/renamed?
    2. Was the road ever OFFICIALLY named after the institute? If yes, when exactly, and in what cicumstances?
    3. If anyone/everyone can protest – which is a form of bullying – why do we need elected representatives?
    4. The article states “It WAS and ALWAYS will be St Aloysius College Road”. In actual fact, for most people it was Bavuta Gudda for many decades, while for some it was Idgah Hill road, and (so far as I believe) OFFICIALLY Lighthouse Hill Road. It was hardly ever called by the name the institute!

    So my request to the author of the article to clarify my questions, if possible.

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