A Celebration of Talents! With Theme ‘Unique Yet United’ St Aloysius PUC – ‘Pre-Unique’19’ Launched

A Celebration of Talents! With Theme ‘Unique Yet United’ St Aloysius PUC – ‘Pre-Unique’19’ Launched


Mangaluru : St Aloysius Pre University College-Mangaluru has given ample opportunities to the students to take part in various co-curricular activities, sports, also in academics. The Institution has also given a chance to the students of other colleges to participate in various contests, thereby unleash their hidden talents and excel. And now once again by hosting ” PRE-UNIQUE 2019″ which is an extension of this tradition as the quest for talent spreading its wings and beckoning more talents from other Colleges and High schools. PRE UNIQUE 2019 will challenge the students with the theme “Unique Yet United”, during the 2-day mega fest which which was inaugurated today, 8 November and ends on 9 November. This annual cultural and intellectual fest comprises of various competitions for the students
to challenge themselves with each other.

St Aloysius PU College has always insisted on integral formation and spares no effort to produce balanced persons in the best sense of the term. In keeping with this tradition, the College wishes to help students rise to excellence. PRE-UNIQUE is one such platform that raises the intellectual, sporting and cultural talents of the students to new heights. This year, with the theme, Pre-Unique 2019 aims at sowing the seed of Unity in young minds, so that they may go out into the society and spread their branches to Unite every Heart and Mind. Living by example, Pre-Unique 2019, this year here are 40 competitions held over a span of 2 days, with various colleges taking part.

The inauguration of Pre Unique 2019 held on 08 November 2019 at 9.00 am. was presided over by Rev. Dr Praveen Martis SJ, Principal, St Aloysius College ( Autonomous). Ms Advithi Shetty and Ms Ashwithi Shetty, actresses from Sandalwood and both Alumnus of St Aloysius PUC were the Chief Guests. Other dignitaries on the dais were- Fr Clifford Sequeira SJ- Principal of College; Ms Charlotte D’souza and Muralikrishna G M-both Vice Principals; Fr Vinod Paul- Finance Officer; Denzil Machado- Pre-Unique Convener; and Ms Simona Fernandes- Student Team Leader. The Fest was declared open by releasing the balloons by the dignitaries. Ms Asha D’souza, the co- Convener welcomed the gathering. An amalgamation of different talents on stage highlighted the uniqueness of the grand welcome organized. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Simona Fernandes, while the programme was compered by Ms Simran Vasant, of II PUC.

Addressing the gathering, Fr Clifford Sequeira said, “There is a constant clamour in the world today about academic achievement being the only measure of success. However, our Jesuit vision of education aims at holistic development of the individual/ an integral development of the human personality. We want our students to grow in all aspects of their personality by exposing their minds to a variety of learning opportunities. It is our endeavor to provide ample space and freedom for our students to come into their own and to unfold their talents and spread their wings. For two decades, Pre- unique has been offering a platform for the students to exhibit their talents ; express their creativity and innovative spirit & learn new skills and amp; grow in self confidence and self esteem. Cultural festivals offer everyone a chance to shine, learn and grow. Whether you come first or not, participating teaches you more than you can imagine”

He further said, “It’s not about who wins, but how you played the game.’ That saying is truer than ever and I hope you will experience this in full measure. This is an inter college event and I am delighted to see so many participating institutions. It is an opportunity for you to meet students from different schools and colleges, exchange ideas, appreciate and learn from each other. And build lasting friendships. The event will also provide a challenge for you to read more, to work harder, to aim higher in order to be the best not only in the college you study but among other colleges” added Fr Sequeira.

Addressing the gathering, Ms Advithi Shetty and Ms Ashwithi Shetty, recalling their college days at St Aloysius PUC said, “This college has given us both the best opportunity to take part in co-curricular activities, which has helped us to be cinema actresses. We never knew
that we would be film actresses, but all our dreams came true. Our efforts and determination helped us to reach where we are now. We started our talents in dancing, but went beyond that eventually, which got us into film world. To all our young friends at St Aloysius PUC, don’t lose an opportunity when it is available, grab the chance, unleash your talents and achieve big. If we could do it, you too can. Don’t give up your passion, and while signing up for a contest, don’t always expect to win-your participation is what it counts. Work hard, have dedication and commitment, and you are good to go to reach greater heights. Best of luck”.

In his Presidential address,Fr Praveen Martis SJ appreciating the unique talents, said that one can expect such perfection only from St Aloysius P U College. Speaking further Fr Martis SJ said, “Quoting APJ Abdul Kalam- Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep. Dream, Dream Dream Dreams transform into thoughts And thoughts result in action.””- and today you have a great opportunity to put your talents into action, and bring charm and beauty around. Let me give you three important C’s-they are Competence, Creativity, and Commitment”- follow these three, and you’ll have success. Taking examples of today’s chief guests- Advithi and Ashwithi Shetty, they went through hard work, dedication and commitment, and thus achieved success in their lives. And always try to be true human beings, and make a difference in the society”

Among the bunch of events during the 26 events planned for the Pre-Unique are- Lights-Camera-Action ( Movie Scoop); Alter Ego ( Declamation); Haldi Ki Roaunak ( Jewellery making, Hair style and Make Up); Quizzards of Oz ( Quiz); Spin A Comic ( Comic Tales); Brand Canon (Product Launch); Game of Codes ( Computer C ++); Slide-Sher ( Biology Seminar); Objection, My Lord ( Debate); Ambit Artist ( Circuit Designing); Craving and Carving ( Carving and Cooking without Fire); Vision in a Bottle ( Bottle Painting); Jhalak Dikhla Ja ( Contemporary Dance); Battle of Bands ( Music Mania); Mind Splash ( Poetry writing); Fancy Facium (Face painting); Khamoshi Ka Karobar ( Business Dumb Charades); Make It or Break It (Logical Math Games); Identity Thief ( Mock Press); Chronicles of Pre-Unique ( Photojournalism); among others”.

This year, Pre-Unique 2019 had introduced for the First time- ‘NIRMAAN’ – a Science Model Making Competition cum Exhibition for both high schools and P U Colleges, and also a perfectly enthralling assemblage of food, fun and entertainment with food stalls and fun carnival games, was inaugurated by the Shetty Sisters, joined by other dignitaries. There were a bunch of stalls, among them was a booth selling home-made goodies, which women taking home a bunch of them, to create their tasty delicacies.

In conclusion, Pre-Unique 2019 has come up with a huge assemblage of expressions, experience and entertainment to create an intellectual, sporting and cultural unison. The participants will embark together on a voyage of excellence as the journey ahead is filled with promises and endless possibilities for talented students to put their benchmark in the fields of their choice. ‘The theme “Unique Yet United” was to bring unity in diversity and to create an awareness that every student is one. The same holds true with the students in Pre-Unique 2019, that collaborates to bring out exemplary work. Since its genesis, Pre-Unique has earned immense popularity and the College attributes it to the benevolent participation and cooperation. Let’s Celebrate Together!

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