A Father’s Love

It is a hot day and the sun is burning a hole in the ground.  He wipes his forehead and the sweat runs down his hand.   The bus is packed with people.  There is no room to sit.  He feels like a sardine, jammed against the others.   He wishes he could sit.  It has been a tiring day at work.  In his mind he goes over, the things that need to be done for tomorrow.   The boss is leaving for a big meeting in three days.  He still needs to finish up two reports for him.  Plus there is that assignment that needs to be completed by the end of the month.  He will need to work late for the next couple of days to keep on top of things.
As he is standing he feels the tingling down his arm again.  They are like little electric shocks.   These bother him.  Five or ten times a day, he feels a tingling down his arm and across his shoulder blades, sometimes down his back.  He was worried enough about them to go to the doctor the other day.  Nothing to worry about, the doctor said.  Just stress.  Stress. 
There is a lot of stress in his life.  The stress is probably giving him high blood pressure.   He looks out into the streets over people’s heads.  He sees an older gentlemen zooming by in a sleek black convertible.  He feels jealous.   He should be like him.  Driving a nice car like that.  He briefly thinks about buying a convertible.  He then stops himself. Don’t forget you have responsibilities, he tells himself.
He gets off the bus. He feels relieved to have the air beating his face.  He walks quickly towards his home.   He is hungry.  The sun is still coming down strong.  He shades his eyes with his hands so that he can see further.   His young son is standing outside the steps of his house waving at him.  His heart gladdens.  He quickens his step.   When he reaches home, his son comes over and gives him a hug.  He in return lifts his son and throws him up in the air.  He loves to hear his son laugh.  
He walks into the house tickling his son.  His two daughters come down the stairs and pile up on him and now he is tickling all three of them.   They are all laughing together.  His middle child screams out loud to stop.  She runs to the kitchen and comes back with a card.   “Happy Father’s Day,” all three yell at the top of their voice. 
Ah yes.  He had forgotten about Father?s Day in the business of the day.  He smiles at his responsibilities, gives them a big bear hug and tickles them till they have tears in their eyes.

He feels good.  He is ready to fight another day.

Author: Tanya Pinto- Canada