My favourite things…

Name : Shaun Gareth Miranda, Kuwait
Date of Birth: May 04, 2003
Father : Vivek Irwin Miranda
Mother: Muriel Tina Miranda
Sister: Reanne Dale Miranda

“Funny as it sounds, Shaun isn’t at all into Cartoons, nor is there a fight over the remote in our house” says mother Tina Miranda.  From the age of around 6 months, Shaun is perfectly happy to sit in front of a music player and just sing along and dance to the tunes of music.  He likes to sing hindi songs from the movies and his favourite actor is Junior Bachchan.

Shaun sings a Tulu song already albeit, 5 lines and is well versed in all the hymns to our Loving Mother Mary. The first thing he said when his sibling arrived was in pure Konkani ? “Allego Dattu Ayla Go”, say proud parents of Shaun!

Chocolates, Candies & Sausages…
My favourite things to eat…
But when it comes to people,
My Mom and Dad are neat!

Reanne is a spot of trouble,
When I burst her bubble…
So I hug and  kiss and pamper her,
Coz she is my Barbie Doll!