Abu Dhabi: Karnataka Sangha holds memorable Family Fun Filled ‘Picnic’

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Abu Dhabi: Karnataka Sangha is a premier organization of all Kannadigas and organizes scores of cultural and sports events every year under the dynamic and able leadership of Sarvotham Shetty.

On arrival at the picnic spot surrounded by lush, green and tall trees, Sarvotham Shetty (President, Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha) welcomed the picnic crowd and announced various activities, fun filled games for the day. The crowd was divided into seven groups based on their native land namely: Udupi 1, Udupi 2, Kudla, Puttur, Uppinangadi, Bangalore and Mysore for conducting the games smoothly.

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There were a variety of games for the young and the old such as Dodge the ball, Lemon-Spoon Race, Passing the ball and bone-n-dog for the kids.

The games were followed by Dum-Sharat (Miming), a Kannada quiz and Housie-housie which were very entertaining.

The final session involved full group participation, a dance presentation of a very famous Kannada song which was presented by all the groups. It was a treat to watch and the performance enthralled the gathering. The dance was followed by an ad presentation competition. The judges for these two main competitions were Loyola Pinto, Ronald D’souza and Shakuntala Rai.

The special attraction of the day was a sari dance by men which entertained the crowd and was well appreciated by the crowd. There were a few interesting games such as weighing the water melon, guessing chocolates in a container, measuring the rope, and the Queen’s demand which kept the groups on their toes; it was a race against time and all groups did a wonderful job. Sarvotham Shetty conducted the events smoothly with the help of the committee members of Karnataka Sangha.

Prior to the prize distribution, committee member Manohar Tonse thanked Sarvotham Shetty. He thanked Sarvotham for conducting the picnic every year in a wonderful way and wished him good luck in future.

In response, Sarvotham Shetty thanked all the managing committee members for their hard work and efforts to make the picnic, a very successful one. The committee members included: Pradeep Kirodian, Manohar Tonse, Sudhir Shetty, Altaf M S, Yogish Prabhu, Umesh Rao, Praveen Rao, Loyola Pinto, Syed Siraj Ahmed, Vijay Rao, Ravindra Rai, Melwyn Fernandes and Abdullah Madhumule. He also thanked all the participants for their co-operation in conducting all the games smoothly.

At the end, Sarvotham Shetty declared the final winners. Team Udupi 2 emerged as winners, while team Puttur was the runner-up. The picnic came to an end at around 6:30 pm with the prize distribution ceremony for the individual winners in the morning games and group winners.

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