Action Still Not taken by MCC even after ‘Girl Astronaut’ highlighted ‘Craters’ like City’s Potholes!

Action Still Not taken by MCC even after ‘Girl Astronaut’ highlighted ‘Craters’ like City’s Potholes!

 Action Still Not taken by Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) even after ‘Girl Astronaut’ 11-year-old Miss Adlin D’silva highlighted ‘Craters’ like Potholes a month ago, on the street near Central Market in the City.

Mangaluru : Seems like our Mangaluru City Corporation officials are TOTALLY SHAMELESS, for the fact that even after a young 11-years-old girl had highlighted the pathetic conditions of the City roads, that they have still not repaired the crater like potholed road near Central Market, Mangaluru. had published an ” Astronaut Impersonator 11-yr-old Miss Adlin D’Silva Walks on City’s Craters near Central Market? “dated 23 September, and it has been nearly a month now, but unfortunately no action has been taken by MCC. Even most of the print and electronic media, locally, state and nationally, had highlighted the bold efforts of Miss Adlin in their publication, but MCC officials without any shame have still turned a blind eye towards this potholed street near the market.

Mangaluru City being called as “Smart City” but with numerous potholes which look like craters, and in order to bring awareness among the officials of Mangaluru City Corporation and District Administration, a Sixth standard girl Miss Aldin D’silva from St Agnes School, Bendore-Mangaluru, all attired in a astronaut outfit walked on the potholes/craters near Central Vegetable Market in Mangaluru on Sunday 22nd night at around 10 pm. She is the daughter of social activist and Secretary of PUCL Ajoy D’silva from Bejai, Mangaluru.

A small girl highlighting the negligence of our MCC and district administration officials, who have turned a blind eye towards the numerous pot holes in the City which has put the lives of motorists in danger, especially two-wheeler riders, these officials should be ashamed of themselves of their carelessness. Miss Aldin should be credited for coming up with the concept of recreating the lunar surface in Smart city-Mangaluru, who has also shared a video of the ‘moonwalk’ on Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness about the situation of the roads in the Coastal City. Such act of awareness by this young girl regarding the crater size potholes, aptly suits the civic issue. Her attempt to get Mangaluru City Corporation or PWD attention on the crater sized potholes on the city roads, and to create awareness about the increasing potholes needs should be appreciated and commended.

This young girl taking a dig at MCC by highlighting civic issue regarding the crater like potholes in the City, having recreated the scene of the ‘man’s first step on the moon’ and uploaded the same on on social media account is indeed a Smart Idea in this Smart City by a Smart Girl! . The video of her brave act begins with a close-up of an astronaut cautiously walking on a surface that matches the craters of the moon. However, when the cameraman zooms out, people understand it is not ISRO’s successful space mission but the unfortunate condition of the dilapidated and potholed road near Central Vegetable Market in the City. The video has collected thousands of shares and thousands of reactions on Facebook. On Twitter, it has also gained quite a number of views and many re-tweets.

This young girl who had come up with this unique art idea making mockery of the concerned officials who have been careless and lazy in rectifying the civic issues, especially the potholed city streets, but unfortunately or call it ignorantly, the concerned officials have not taken this issue seriously, as the street with potholes is getting more and more worse. After the issue was highlighted in most of the publications, the officials as a courtesy should have taken quick action to fix the potholes before they get deep and worse — thereby avoiding severe driving hazards and vehicle damages. But they didn’t, which shows their ignorance, carelessness and laziness! Period.

So, I guess while waiting for this Central Market potholed road and many other dilapidated roads to be restored for a smooth ride, citizens have to brace themselves because it’s once again pothole season in Mangaluru. Yet another solo protest by Arjun Mascarenhas of MCC Civic Group against potholed/dilapidated street near Nanthur Circle, also didn’t show any positive response from NHAI officials, other than dumping loose jelly mixed with cement to do the patch work- which is already worn out after couple of rainy days. Bah humbug! And for sure, the MCC nor PWD authorities will not take any action, until a major accident takes place, due to potholes? Until then bear with the potholes or curse someone at the MCC/PWD/NHAI— and still keep driving safe, and walk safe! And a humble request to MLA Vedavyas Kamath is that , just like he is too much concerned about the harmful effects of plastic and flex, he should also show a keen interest in taking action in rectifying the potholed roads, which are also harmful to the citizens, especially motorists!


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