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Once upon a time in Mangalore….

Once upon a time in Mangalore.... Decades back we moved to mangalore city, leaving behind our native place, right in time to start our schooling. Sometimes...

The Intruders….

The Intruders.... Subsequent summers, monsoons and winters robbed the paints of the walls of our society complex of its original colour and had put in...

Two Schools

Two Schools Passage of time dims a few of our faculties, so the account of school life is given only in tit-bits. The up's and...

Summer of 2015

Summer of 2015 During the end of summers with the air thick with the scent of mango blooms, it called for no less than a...

Meeow…meeow! Cat’s Day Out

Meeow...meeow! Cat's Day Out The year is not specific, could be the late 80's, as age plays havoc when it comes to recollections. One morning...

Tree climber!

Tree climber! Those were the 80's. Gold spot and Torino days. No perils of chaotic traffic then. Back from school, we rummaged in the kitchen,...

Grandmother’s Tale

Grandmother's Tale Four decades ago, we left our father's hometown and moved to Mangalore "bag and baggage". My grandmother continued to live in her village....

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