Baliga Murder Accused Sent to Three-day Police Custody

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Baliga Murder Accused Sent to Three-day Police Custody

Mangaluru: Vineet Poojary (26) and Nishit Devadiga (23), arrested in connection with the murder of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga last month have been in judicial custody.


Baliga had been hacked to death near his house in the early hours of March 21 this year. Poojary and Devadiga have been accused of killing Baliga as a contract job assigned by unidentified persons.

The city police have them into their custody for three days with court approval. ACP Tilakchandra said that efforts were on to trace the other accused.

Case history:

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  1. Hey Rampa,

    Could you copy-paste the names of those murderers? Vincent Pais (26) and Naushad Dildar (23), right? 🙂

  2. Dear ‘biriyaani’ Praveena Pinto,
    This goes back to the question of ‘trend’. In a country with hindu majority, one shouldn’t be surprised to see Hindu perpetrators in a hindu murder case. Plus, add other factors like internal power struggle, tension and legal disputes. What explanation do you have for mangaluru vimaana nildaana incidents??? In fact, more important question is – why are we not even seeing the names from MIA incidents being published lately? And, why are our ‘brave’ journalists and social activists silent on MIA incidents who don’t waste a second linking other incidents to ‘sangha parivaara’ ???

    Note: These are all rhetorical questions that I have already known answers to. I’m posing them here to make you think and see how lazy you are!!

  3. “In fact, more important question is – why are we not even seeing the names from MIA incidents being published lately?’ – Maha Joker Rampa

    Of ALL the things & news in the world, our Rampa is MORE interested in some petty crime & THAT too in Mangalore! Poor fellow! Must me missing his ‘Surathi’ & ‘Police Vaarthe’. No wonder he belongs to the ‘genius club’ in the ‘Na Kaaoonga, Na khilane doonga party! 🙂

    By the way, when you start sermonizing your overseer – Buffalo Billa, on give up his daily beef and beer, does he give you a benign smile – which says – “gone case” or does he give you a solid whack on the head? Well, if your jokes… oops.. posts are any indication, I guess he does BOTH! My due sympathies, ya, Rampa.

    Anyway, did you file an RTI to get more details on smuggling at MIA? Oops! Silly me! You cannot because you did ‘padhrad’ from ‘Akhanda Bharatha’ some 15+ years back! And gosh! You aren’t even eligible to collect a single naya-paisa of your Pradhana Sevaka’s 15 laksha! 🙁

  4. “In a country with Hindu majority, one shouldn’t be surprised to see Hindu perpetrators in a Hindu murder case.”. – Joker Rampa

    Err, herr Rampu’ji, by a DEFINITION of “Hindu” (used by the chaddis THE MOST whenever it suits their knock-knees), isn’t a ‘Hindu” supposed to be EVERYBODY who resides in India/This way or that way of the Hindu-Kush mountains/a way of life etc?

    So, by THAT definition, EVERYBODY is a Hindu. Yaan… Praveene Pinto/Chimto/Poojari/Shetty/Rao/Rai/Baliga/Dildar/Khan/Batliwallah.. hey, I’m a Hindu.

    And hey Vittala’da Rampa – NOW on the range in Yumreeka, with Buffalo Billa…. take some time and DIGEST this along with your Biltong (dried and cured meat/jerky):

    If you ever know HOW to read and possess the capability to digest it, you would pay particular heed to the RTI activist’s question – “If the government doesn’t know the meaning and definition of the word Hindu, on WHAT basis did it enact the Hindu Marriage Act”?

    Well, if the RTI respnse is to be believed, the word Hindu is NOT DEFINED? Man…… we are all ‘Hindus’ this side of the Pond. Ditto with the chaps apprehended at MIA. 🙂

    Artha aitheno, Rampa? 🙂 Poor simple-minded fellow who USED to get his cheap thrills reading ‘Surathi’ 7 Police Vaarthe! You should ask that ‘CLOUD’ to burst over your silly & simple nut! (Play)boy bunnies would rain-in. Jai Rampa ki.

    And hey… any of your fav fish netted today at MIA? Err… Pomfret, Shark, Kingfish, Squid, Saaala-mona, Mackerel? Awww. come on…. some ‘boothai’? or, you want to take some 100 gms of Brinjal home? 🙂

    Wakey wakey, rampu’ji. 🙂

  5. As I had anticipated, joker Praveena Pinto still doesn’t understand how to look for ‘trends’. See how, true to his ‘Beef Club’ membership, conveniently uses the ‘hindu’ card when it helps to hide the ugliness from minority side. However, when it comes other issues such as common civil code and govt funds based on religion, they are the first one to distance themselves from ‘hindu’ label. Again, there is no surprise here as we all know what to expect from self-hating, confused members of ‘Beef Club’ who are known only for ‘dinka-dinka- culture to impress their foreign masters!!!

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