Benefit from Ancient Indian medical systems: U.T Khader at Sahyadri

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Benefit from Ancient Indian medical systems: U T Khader at Sahyadri

Mangaluru: Honorable Speaker of Legislative Assembly, U T Khader attended the felicitation program organized by the Bhandary Foundation on 24th Jan 2024 at Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management. On the occasion he felicitated Sri. Anthony Gurukkal and Sri. Vijesh Gurukkal practitioners of the Kalari Payattu and Marma Chikitsa, Sri. Ravi, a therapist from Bangalore and Dr Supreeth J. Lobo, an Ayurvedic practitioner at Beli Arogadhama.

The Speaker addressing the staff of the college said that when we fail to give attention to our health problems in time then we may end up disturbing our routine life. Self-care should be the priority in a busy schedule life. The right attitude and understanding of the nutritional aspects from childhood is important. The speaker said that by utilising the ancient indigenous medical systems for common ailments we can regain health at less cost. He advised to make the best use of medical facilities offered under various government programs.

Sri. Manjunath Bhandary, MLC & Chairman – Bhandary Foundation in his keynote address threw light on the importance of using Indian holistic medicine. Quoting his example of how he recovered from nerve pain after administering the traditional method of treatment he said, that even a condition which may demand surgery can be reversed in some situations if the treatment is followed dedicatedly.

On behalf of the Foundation, Manjunath Bhandary donated Rs 5 lakhs to Anthony Gurukkal for the development of Kalari Payattu Gurukula he runs. Anthony Gurukkal and Vijesh Gurukkal demonstrated a few moves of Kalalri Payattu marshal art. Dr Supreeth Lobo addressed the staff members gathered on ‘Holistic lifestyle’.

Sri. Hareesh Kumar, District Congress President and MLC and College Principal Dr S.S. Injaganeri were on the stage. Dr Shainy Lobo was present in the audience. Prof. Akshaya Kumari compared the programme.

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