Bengaluru: Governor Vajubhai Vala to Address Joint Legislature Session in Hindi

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Bengaluru: In a marked departure from tradition and past record, Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala, the incumbent governor of the state, has expressed his wish to address the forthcoming joint session of the legislature in Hindi.

Minister of law and parliamentary affairs T B Jayachandra has said the governor has sought a Hindi version of the Kannada speech, which is now being prepared.


Perhaps it is the very first time that a governor will be addressing the houses in a language other than Kannada and English. It is Vala’s first address to the joint session as governor.

Already some rumblings have been heard about the report. To begin with, there has been deep resentment over certain directions received from the Union home ministry regarding compulsory use of Hindi. The fact that the Karnataka tableau at the Republic Day event in Delhi carried the state’s name only in Devnagari and not in Roman script had surprised the people of the state.

Many state politicians wondered if the governor would have dared to ask for a Hindi translation, had he been holding the same post in Tamil Nadu or Poschimbonga.

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  1. Let the Assembly members take courses in Hindi in a hurry. As Mr. Modi is using Hindi exclusively in his speeches in the foreign countries, the Governors are going to speak only in Hindi.

  2. Mr Mathew, your Kerla Mps can talk in Malayalam. Ketto? Who is stopping them from doing so? Do us a favor. Please try to spell Muvattupuzha and then pronounce it. You can even post a video in your nasal twang.

  3. Mr Mathew, your Kerla Mps can talk in Malayalam. Ketto? – Dronu to Mr. Mathew

    I wonder why our Dronu Sugam harbors hatred towards our neighbors from down south!

  4. What are Vala’s educational qualifications besides being a member of the RSS? Under Modi, uneducated members of the RSS are given government jobs willy nilly.

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