Subrahmanya: Man who Shot Daughter-in-law Dead Found in Skeletal Form

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Subrahmanya: Nagappa Gowda, said to be aged around 60 years, had shot his own daughter-in-law Vidya dead from close range in their yard in Uppukala on June 14 last year.

He had been absconding since then. There were rumours that he was hiding in the nearby forest or might even have escaped to Kodagu through Bisale ghat, which route and regions around were very familiar to him.


He had a gun with him and hence the residents were scared that he would appear anywhere and create problems to anyone who came his way. During the following week, there were rumours about some persons having spotted him. The villagers had also heard the sound of gunshots from the direction of the forest a few times.

Following pressure from the family of the victim on the police higher-ups, the Sullia police, assisted by villagers, had gone on a manhunt for some time and had then given up because of heavy rains.

Nothing had been heard of him ever since. Now just when he was fading out of public memory, a report has been received that a man’s skeletal remains, like bones, skull and clothings, were spotted in a forest at Anekallu near Kotnadka in Uppukala of Balugodu village on Wednesday.

When two villagers had gone to the forest to look for their cattle, they came across the remains. From his clothes and the gun lying around, his identity was established as of Nagappa Gowda.

He had obviously no recourse to food and water for many days and besides, with his ammunition having run out, it was being suspected that he may have been attacked and killed by wild animals.

Now with the finding of his remains, the murder case will see a logical conclusion. It is yet to be ascertained if the death was caused by any animal attack or starvation or if it was a case of suicide, presumably by shooting himself.

The Subrahmanya police are pursuing the case.

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