Bengaluru: IAS officer’s death; JDS releases audio tape

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Bengaluru, Mar 21, 2015, (PTI) :JDS leader H D Kumaraswamy today 558228-images (2)released an audio clipping claiming it would expose the circumstances that led to the transfer of IAS officer D K Ravi, who died under mysterious circumstances, in contrast to claims made by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Kumaraswamy, a former Chief Minister, released the tape which purportedly contained a telephonic conversion between an MLA from Kolar district, where Ravi was posted as Deputy Commissioner, with an official working under him regarding release of seize sand.

In the tape, the MLA is heard putting pressure on the lower officer, threatening him to release four lorries of seized illegal sand and also speaking about the transfer of Ravi from Kolar district in the next two days.

The way in which the MLA threatened the lower official “it is anybody’s guess Ravi was transfered because of (sand) mafia,” Kumaraswamy alleged.

Ravi was found hanging from a ceiling fan at his flat in Bengaluru on Monday, with police suspecting it to be prima facie a case of suicide.

“The Chief Minister in the assembly had said that the father-in-law of Ravi and an MLA from Kolar district had requested transfer of the deceased IAS officer. He misled the House to safeguard the interests of the sand mafia and land looters. This Chief Minister transfered the (Kolar) Deputy Commissioner for their (sand and land mafia) protection,” he told reporters while releasing the audio file.

Throwing more light on the purported telephonic conversation, Kumaraswamy said, “The MLA was threatening the lower officer, and when he was threatening him he said that the cabinet meeting is there and on (March) 14th this Deputy Commissioner will be transfered.”

Meanwhile, Hanumanthrayappa, father-in-law of Ravi, said there were no personal problems between his family and Ravi’s, and requested people not to spread falsehood.
“As the head of his family at least I could have sensed something if anything is there. There is no personal problem between my family and his family. So it is a falsehood. Whoever is spreading falsehood, I request once again not to do it,” he added.

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