Bhatkali boy wins National level visually impaired Quran recitation contest

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The Final session of the two day national level competition for visually impaired Holy Quran recitation competition concluded on Friday night with Bhatkal Jamia Islamia contestant Hafiz Mohammed Anees Buddu winning the top award, along with the Rs 50,000 prize money. Hafiz Noorul Haque of Bengaluru (Rs 30,000) and Mohammed Ashfaque Channa of Bhatkal (Rs 20,000) achieved second and third positions respectively. All other Contestants were awarded with certificates and Rs 5,000 each.

The competition was organized under the banner of Jamiatul Huffaz, Bhatkal. Chief guests for the valedictory function, Moulana Abdur Raheem Falahi of Gujrat said, “A national level event like this provokes and stipulates our thought and reminds us of our mission and vision in this world. Above all, it is an inspirational event for our young generation to adore the guidance and teachings of the Holy Quran. More importantly, it generates hope and confidence in hearts of the Muslim minority communities in the world. It makes them as one international community guided by the teaching of this holy book. May Allah reward abundantly all those who are involved in this competition”.

Addressing the gathering, Moulana Abdul Bari Nadvi said “There is no book in the world whose reading will give us such pleasure like Quran gives. If we read the Quran we will realize that there is no book like it. It is our fault that we did not open it to read it with our hearts. We are not carrying out our responsibility of understanding it and spreading the word of Allah to others. Our lives are being spent in the pursuance of money and we are paying no heed towards our goal of spreading the book of Allah.”

“These blessed people with no eyesight have memorized the whole Quran and here we are, with a healthy body and mind doing not as much as they have done. Isn’t this embarrassing for us? Some of these people here, they have no eyesight but some are running institutes of learning, some are writers while some are teachers. We should learn from these great people and try to do our best for the cause of Allah’s book”, Moulana added.

Moulana Ilyas Jakti Nadvi said, undoubtedly, this event is a historical Islamic event in our Islamic history and particularly in the service of our Holy Quran.

Moulana Sadique Akrami Nadvi said, “It is a historical juncture, event of this nature revitalizes and reinvigorates our faith and our Imam: Moreover, it instills our love and attachment to this Holy Quran. It encourages Muslims to recite, read and understand the Quran”.

“I really love reciting the Holy Quran, I’m really happy and I thank Almighty Allah for giving me this honour,” said Mohammed Anees of Bhatkal, speaking about his triumph.

Rest all the other speakers on the occasion said they want to encourage Muslims to memorize and understand the Holy Quran and to spread the Quranic values of peace and love”.

Senior Hafeez of Bhatkal, Zafrullah Siddibapa who memorizes the Holy Quraan at the age of 56 years was also felicitated on the occasion.

Students from Darul Uloom Ainul Huda Mallapuram( Kerala) showcased their special talents in having the holy Quraan Memorized.

Bhatkal Jamiatul Huffaz president Maulana Niyamatullah Askeri Nadvi presided over the function.

The valedictory function began with recitation of Holy Quraan by Hafiz Qari Hammad Pillur, followed by an Arabic poem with Asgar Siddiqui, Moulana Irfan SM Nadvi welcomed the gathering, prize distribution was announced by Moulana Rahmatullah Nadvi and Moulana Samaan Nadvi delivered the vote of thanks.

On the occasion, Qazi Jamaatul Muslimeen Moulana Mohammed Iqbal Mulla Nadvi, Qazi Khaleefa Jamaatul Muslimeen Moulana Khaja Akrami Madni, Dr Hashim Al Adal of Saudi Arabia, Hafiz Khalid Ibrahim of Yemen, Chairman Jamia Islamia Master Mohammed Shafi Shabandri Patel, Hafeez Kabeeruddin saheb, Moulana Vasiullah Df Nadvi and many others were present.

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