Big Conspiracy to finish Congress Government – Poojary

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Big Conspiracy to finish Congress Government  in State – Janardhan Poojary

Mangaluru: “The deputy chairman of the State Planning Board C M Ibrahim has commented that in Karnataka the Congress Government led by chief minister Siddaramaiah is not performing well and people are disappointed. Siddaramaiah has changed a lot, he is not what he was in the past. From the past 7 to 8 years we have prepared Siddaramaiah to be the chief minister. But Siddaramaiah and his government have not reached the level where we had expected. Deve Gowda and his administration is a model to the entire country. Deve Gowda is a kind hearted man and when such people are in Karnataka it is possible to give good governance. There is a big conspiracy to finish Congress, if Siddaramaiah is able to understand his statement, C M Ibrahim should be sacked from his post. Infighting is in the DNA of Congress”, said Senior congress leader B Janardhan Poojary in a press meet held at the Press club here on October 21.

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Poojary further said, “CM Siddaramaiah is the Chairman of the State Planning Board and C M Ibrahim is the deputy chairman of the board. In the center, the Prime minister is the chairman of the Board. C M Ibrahim has collected all the information from all the department which comes under the board and said that the CM has not given a fair governance. If the CM thinks that he is unable to give a fair governance then, Siddarmaiah should resign immediately. If the board did not perform the duty with integrity then Siddaramaiah should suspend Ibrahim from the deputy chairman’s post. If he does not resign he should be expelled”.

Poojary further said, “C M Ibrahim is a congress party worker and the high command should expel him from the party because Ibrahim and some of his followers joined the Congress party from the Janata Dal. They did not strengthen the party, instead, they are trying to finish the Congress party. C M Ibrahim has respect towards Poojary, but when the congress party is in danger, there is no value for respect”.


When asked about CM Siddaramaiah who was also a former member of the Janata Dal, Poojary said, “It is a conspiracy to finish the congress party. C M Ibrahim is trying to bring Deve Gowda back in Karnataka. Chief minister Siddaramaiah should understand the conspiracy. There are people in the congress party but are supporting other party leaders. They are trying to destabilize the government. They are trying to bring Deve Gowda to power in Karnataka and finish the Congress party. Siddaramaiah has become blunt, he does not understand the conspiracy of some of the party members who had joined from another political party”.

When asked how come from past 25 years the congress is losing its ground in Karnataka, Poojary said, “If the Congress is losing its ground, how come in the last elections, out of the 8 constituencies, Congress has won in 7? It is a positive verdict from the people, and they wanted Congress to come to power. If all the 7 MLAs resign, the congress government will fall. There are only four persons with Siddaramaiah, but in Congress party, there are lakhs of people including me. Those supporting the Congress party should stay in the party and those who are in the party and don’t support it, should go out. There are some people inside the party whose aim is to finish the Congress”.

When asked about the visit of Deve Gowda to Kudroli Temple, Poojary said, “Yes, Deve Gowda had visited the temple and praised the temple for half-an-hour. Because he has praised the Temple I cannot praise his party.”

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  1. The Congress party and its supporters (aka minority ‘vote bank’) are really funny. Don’t they realize that the party is on its way to history’s dustbin? Remember – they have lost power in almost every state and managed to get only 44-seats in loksabha!!! Minority worshiping and sanaathana-abuse are not tolerated anymore as people are slowly pushing back.

  2. Operation Kamala is still fresh in the mind of Kannadigas spearheaded by former CM Yedurappa on the illicit money of Reddy brothers from the loot of Bellary mines.

    After Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarkhand anything is possible from party of difference shining India BJP.

    For the sake politics Lord rama to uniform civil code to communal violence BJP used them all for divisive politics.

    If Cauvery is failed to topple, why not new experiments?

    Jai Hind

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