BJP Slams Siddaramaiah Govt. over Councillor Srinivas Prasad’s Murder

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BJP Slams Siddaramaiah Govt. over Councillor Srinivas Prasad’s Murder

Udupi: Blood for blood will be witnessed if the continuing attack on Hindu activists is not suppressed by the government said Mattaru Rathnakar Hegde. He was speaking at a protest held by the BJP in front of the Clock Tower here on March 16 against the murder of Anekal BJP councillor Srinivas Prasad.

BJP councillor Srinivas was Murdered in Bengaluru but the government seems to be silent. Politically motivated murders of Hindu activists are increasing in the state. The government is silent on the attacks against the Hindu activists. They are murdered for serving the society. The concern raised by the Hindu activists are unheard.

In the last four years, 19 activists of the BJP and Hindu Group have been murdered Yet there is no adequate action from the government due to the blessings of the chief minister, he charged.

The government should allocate funds for the new Taluks announced in the budget. The Taluks were announced by Former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa and Jagadish Shettar which has been announced again. The former Chief ministers had allocated Rupees 50 crores for the Taluks but CM Siddaramaiah has allocated 100 crores for the new Taluks announced. It indicates that the Taluks are announced for the purpose of state elections which are to be held next year.

The government should allocate funds for Taluks and should construct various amenities required. If the government fails in the implementation of new Taluks by building the Mini Vidhanasoudha and various other offices, protests will be held.

Former Udupi MLA Raghupati Bhat, Former Kaup MLA Lalaji Mendon, ZP President Dinakar Babu, ZP Vice President Sheela K Shetty, TP President Nalini Pradeep, Akshith Shetty Herga, Uday Kumar Shetty and others were present.

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  1. I demand to know why are my GSB brothers missing from the BJP rallies in the coastal districts lately? now its more of Hegde, Shetty, Mendon, and Suvarna and no more Pai, Kini or Shenoy.

    NaMo-DeMo effect?

  2. I think James (Bond) is confusing Udupi with Mangaluru. On the other hand, I demand to know why my Catholic brothers are missing in ‘swachcha mangaluru’ campaign? It can’t be due to political/religious reasons, right? smiles…

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