Body postures reveal love life

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New York, July 10 (IANS) It may sound intriguing to many but how you balance your body in different postures can reveal how stable your romantic life is, says a study.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and University of Waterloo in Canada found a strong correlation between unstable work spaces and poor intimate relationships among the participants.

The team first recruited a small group of college students who were in a committed relationship, and randomly assigned half of their volunteers to sit at a normal desk and the other half to sit at wobbly workstations, the New York Times reported.

The volunteers shared information about how satisfied they felt with their partner and whether the relationship would last.

The team found that the students seated at unstable work stations were much more likely to perceive instability in their romantic life than those whose chairs and work spaces did not wobble.

Furthermore, the researchers used an online portal to recruit a more diverse group of volunteers, some of whom had been married for years.

They asked them to position themselves in front of a computer screen.

Half of the volunteers who filled the questionnaire about their relationship status, were asked to stand on one leg while the rest stood on both feet.

Interestingly, volunteers who wobbled on one leg rated their relationships as more unstable than those who stood on both feet.

The study, however, does not show that an unstable body creates an unstable love life.

“Only when people feel physically unstable, they are more likely to perceive their romantic relationship as similarly turbulent,” said lead researcher Amanda Forest, professor of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh.


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