Businesses Post ‘No Parking’ Sign-But Whose Property Is It?

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Businesses Post ‘No Parking’ Sign-But Whose Property Is It?

Mangaluru: While Mangaluru City is already facing acute shortage of parking spots, added to that private business owners are making use of some of the MCC owned property as their Parking spaces. Many of these buildings when applied for licences even though they had mentioned about providing parking places, but have constructed shops without space for parking in the building. And the business owners in these buildings have no option than post ‘No Parking’ sign for their customers. If you look around the City, you will see ‘No Parking’ signs erected in front of the private firms- forget about private businesses, even a ‘No Parking’ sign is posted in front of a MLA office. But do these people know that they don’t own the parking space-they only own or rent their business space- the parking place that they claim to be theirs, legally belongs to MCC. Period!


Many commercial complexes in the City which operate without parking place are the main reason for traffic congestion during busy hours. Vehicles parked on footpaths or roadsides, and for that matter, parked in front of these businesses who had posted ‘No parking’ signs for their benefit are creating lots of hassles for the motorists and also leading to traffic snarls. Many of these buildings allow limited number of vehicles, especially meant for their clients, while other commercial buildings don’t even have proper parking space. Even though that every private/commercial building has to provide enough space for vehicle parking, but unfortunately, the owners of these buildings violate the rules after obtaining the licence, some even use political influence, as per MCC officials. So what a corrupt society are we living in?

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In conclusion, a message to all these business owners, it is illegal for you to put a “no parking” sign out by the road, in an misguided attempt to prohibit parking. Such signs can be placed alongside the road only by the authority of the MCC or Traffic police. Essentially all other signs, placed near the road, or indeed anywhere in the public right of way, are illegal and may be removed by the concerned authorities without notice. But sdaly that is not happening in Mangaluru. MCC and City traffic police have turned a blind eye against these issues, and commercial/ business owners are taking advantage of this. But they should realize that the road is public, and open to all, with some exceptions. You could probably put a sign in your driveway, saying “No Parking” and be within your rights- but not on a public property which belongs to MCC/Citizens. It is a public street, and you do not have the exclusive right to parking privilege. A no parking sign on the street in front of your business, unless it your property, is ignorant. You do not own the street or have exclusive right to park there nor your exclusive customers.

Privatization of Roads in Mangaluru

by Prof. Narendra Nayak- Convener, Consumers Education Trust of Mangaluru

Looks like after privatisation of a number of amenities the Mangaluru City corporation has now started privatisation of roads too! Here we see one of the busiest roads in Mangaluru, the Light House Hill road being taken over by a private bank The Mangalore Catholic Co-operative Bank has private parking reserved for its customers.


Today I wanted to park my car there and I did. No one dared to say anything but most people would be put off by the red tape and the important-looking red signs. Will the authorities answer my questions:

Q 1: Are Mangaluru City Corporation authorities who are evicting footpath vendors and encroachments by people blind to this rot of usurpation?.

Q 2: Why are the traffic police who are always around this place are turning a blind eye to this?

Q 3: Why do Citizens of Mangaluru who are on that road and need a parking place and do not find one, do not question?

Business Owner has made Public Property as Personal Parking Spot

by Resident of Orchid Apartments, Bendore-well

Mangaluru: I would like to bring to your notice about a private business owner on AR D’Souza Road, near Bendore-well every day using a space belonging to the public/MCC to park his car. A ‘No Parking’ sign is erected prior to the arrival of the owner to his business, and once he arrives, he parks his car in the reserved spot, and once he leaves, the ‘No Parking’ sign is put back. But frankly speaking, this business owner does not own the parking space, it is a public property meant for anyone to park their vehicle. When such people claim that the space belongs to them to park their vehicle, unfortunately visitors to our apartment or any other visitors to that are left with no parking, rather than go round in circles to get a parking spot.


As private business owners block parking places once their limit is covered, the remaining customers/general public have no other option than to park their vehicles at the road sides, which either get wheel-locked by the cops- and even create traffic snarls. Sadly MCC has failed to check violations of building rules earlier, now the problem has gone out of control. Business owners are taking laws into their won hands- they think they own the public property for their personal parking facility. Traffic police should take strict action against these violators, without any partiality or corruption.


Even though that we had complained about this to the traffic police and MCC, no action has been taken till now. We can only think that money or political influence is playing an important role here, which is not right and good for the society. I hope that at least by highlighting this parking issue through your website would bring some positive action by MCC or Traffic police department. Thank You.

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  1. Dear Brother Alfie,You along with are doing great Job for the helpless Public. Some of these People with Political Connection are riding on the back of Citizens. You along with many Citizens know that I am installing so many “No Parking”,” Bus Stop”,”Children Crossing”,”No Horn” Boards at My cost for the benefit of Public,specially for the safety of little Children and Disabled and Senor Citizens. These no use People think that they own the Govt. Property. Take a walk on Central Market Road and see the signs. I always park where this sign is Posted and show the owners of that board,who owns the land where I Park.
    I will help You and along with Violet Pereira in Your efforts to root out selfish and mean behavior of these selfish and Proud Arrogant People.
    Dear Citizen,please come forward and help us eradicate this mean behavior of few People.

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