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If you love cricket, then you likely support a team. Maybe you are a die-hard fan who sticks to the same team repeatedly, never relenting even after a terrible loss. And any chance you get to wager on cricket, you put your eggs in the same basket. Or you are the type of fan whose opinion changes with the tides. One minute, you are all over a particular team, and the minute the circumstances change, you are gone. No matter where you stand, you probably have an inkling of the best cricket team in the world. Which is it?

We want to put this debate to rest by reviewing the strongest contenders:


It makes sense that India would be a top choice. This team has made its mark on the international scene and has billions of fans. It’s no wonder that reputable betting sites like Dafabet India have pitched camp in India, raking in wagers from its fans. But what has made it such a success?

. The team managers know how to delegate the workload management such that the burden does not fall on one player. We all know how heated international matches can be. And often, managers want their best players to show up in every game. But the Indian team follows a different structure by allowing players to rest when their bodies get tired. And that results in fewer injuries during the matches, boosting the players’ endurance. Who would have thought that such a minor move would have such amazing results?

. The team invests in talent. Rather than rely on outsourcing international talent each year, the team invests in training the talent it has. It even partnered with the BCCI to found the National Cricket Academy, where new blood can train. As a result, India always boasts of a new crop of young, fast, and eager players ready to hoist the Indian flag even higher.

. The leaders are innovative. The team leaders don’t copy and paste when playing the game. Instead, they assess the talent and the circumstances prevalent in the game before making a play. For example, in the T20 2016 Cup, Dhoni relied on his football skills to boost his wicketkeeping skills, and it worked. The team won because of such a slight change in gameplay.

As things stand, India ranks as one of the best cricket teams in the world. And in the ICC rankings, it comes 2nd in the test team rankings and 1st in the T20 team rankings.


Some fans would argue that Australia is the stronger team compared to India. After all, it is the most successful test team in history, boasting a win percentage of more than 50%. But what makes it such a good contender? We have a few reasons why this team continues to have the edge over its competitors, including:

. The weather: Australian players can practice all year, unlike players from other countries where weather conditions can get in the way. However, India also benefits in this case as its weather is generally fair.

· Their approach: Regardless of whichever team Australia plays against, the team broaches the match as they would any other. They do not underestimate their opponents. If anything, they always assume that their opponents have what it takes to win. And this enables them to remain prepared for any surprises along the way.

Moreover, they work as a team. When one player falters, the rest quickly fill in the gap by improving their performance to cover up for the weakness. They rank 1st in test team rankings and 3rd in ODI team rankings in the ICC rankings.

Which team deserves the top spot?

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