Case Booked against Cila Advertising Co by Forest Dept for Pruning Tree Branches

Case Booked against Cila Advertising Co by Forest Dept for Pruning Tree Branches

Case Booked against Cila Advertising Co in Mangaluru by Forest Dept for Pruning Tree Branches that were blocking the advertisement Hoardings

Mangaluru: One one hand Environmentalists and ministers plant trees to give greenery to the City, either during Vanamahotsava or World Environmental Day or could be any other day- but on the other hand, there are these advertisement companies that go ahead and prune or cut tree branches to make their advertising hoardings visible. Along with these people, there are workers of Mescom who also trim trees- by this is a safety matter, when compared to the ad agency guys who go on a rampage pruning trees, for their benefit of their company and their advertisers. Bah humbug!

Couple of days ago, many activists/environmentalists complained to the MCC and filed a case at the Mangaluru North police station regarding this tree trimming issue. The trees were pruned near Chilimbi, Balmatta Road, Hampankatta area and other locations. The police had taken up the case after instructions from MCC Mayor Kavitha Sanil. Activists Dinesh Holla, Sashidhar Shetty and others had submitted a memorandum seeking action on this incident. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Dinesh Holla, Convener of Sahyadri Sanchaya said, ” It is very hurtful when you see these trees without branches, some of the trees were planted recently. Most of these trees planted by us, are being taken care and watered regularly. But these ad companies and other miscreants are testing our patience by trimming or cutting down these trees which give clean air and oxygen”

Shashidar Shetty, the State Secretary of National Environment Care Federation (NECF) speaking to Team Mangalorean said, ” Not only these advertising companies use flex on their hoardings which are banned, over that they are now trimming the green trees. which is condemnable by us. We will plan a meeting soon to decide about the future course of action. We will have to see that a tough stand is taken against these persons who commit such acts. It is sad to note that many of the environmentalists plant trees to give greenery to city, and these miscreants destroy them eventually. Because of this, many environmentalists have stopped planting trees in the city, instead, they plant them in the outskirts of the City”.

In the meantime, Mayor Kavitha Sanil has said that even if MCC has given permission to these ad agencies to put up hoardings, but no one has given permission to them to chop or prune the trees. “I will act as per the KMC Act, and cancel the licneces of these ad firms if they are found in violation of the norms and rules” had said Mayor. Now it is learnt that the Forest department had booked a case against Cila Advertising Company in the City for their tree pruning act. The Forest dept not only has booked a case against the ad agency, but also has submitted a letter to MCC to take further action. The Forest dept has registered a case against the owner of Cila Ad Agency, and also against the workers who pruned the tree branches. In the meantime, the forest officials also have informed that a few branches of trees on Milagres road were cut by MCC workers, for which they have requested for explanation from the MCC Commissioner.

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Joe D'Souza

Mr Alfie, I have installed a’ NO PARKING’ Board at the junction of Kambla Road -Kadri Road, opposite to Bharath Beedi Office. I have installed it at the request of East Traffic Inspector Mr Suresh. A MCC Contractor has removed this board and discarded it and installed MAPS College Board on that spot. I have done this for the benefit of the Public and I lost the respect in this regard along with expenses from my pocket.