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Vincent Fernandes hails from Valencia Mangalore and is a voluntary worker.  Since the past 17 years he has been working with the Christian Community in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He is also working with the General Practitioners in Abu Dhabi, and gives advice to couples who wish to enter into matrimony, and to those whose marriage is on shaky grounds.
Education: M.A. -Counseling and Psychology, Post Graduate from Madras in Family life, Mental health care Science from U.K., Biblical Counseling from USA, working in Abu Dhabi in Mental Health Care, Family Predicament issues and Detoxification Therapy.

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Cleaning Counsel is one of the areas we are least concerned and ignore these  days. Why? Is it our own weakness? Or are we na?ve and do not really know what cleaning counsel is all about  Or what could be the reasons behind this behavior?

We all know the word CLEANING, how far it is carried out based on our personal life, whether we are in the house, road or office premises. Do we give any importance? Why we are not concerned?  What is it that is lacking in us? Why and where  are we lagging behind?

“Cleaning counsel” is an  area that  brings an awareness in our life. Someone may say that  it is not so important in our life. Someone else might say that it is not my cup of tea. These are the petty excuses given by today’s generation. People whose homes are in  a mess today,  aren?t just untidy; they could need  psychiatric therapy, according to the doctor in Vienna who is helping people overcome their fears of house cleaning. This term also called “negative thoughts” about cleaning. He believes that a fear of cleaning can reveal deep rooted  psychological problems.  A recent study reveals that negative thoughts are not weaknesses, lack of time or interest,  it is mainly based upon inborn  fear automatically absorbed by the body system.

Today a new method has developed a way to teach people the joys of scrubbing, polishing and sweeping by using a home-help therapy. “Cleaning can feel like a form of punishment” say the psychological counselors. The task of cleaning has negative impact upon the person?s and for many it is an unpleasant task, carried out reluctantly.”  Pioneer Sigmund Freud remarked ‘negative association and delved into the early experiences of his patients, Dr Pohler is adopting similar views and provides simple techniques to overcome ‘negative feelings.’

People who cannot clean in their adult often have problems rooted in their childhood. “Perhaps when we were young we were forced to clean. We had to clean our rooms, class rooms, keep garden clean by pruning and perhaps we did not do it right.  Our parents or superiors were not satisfied and so on. There are  many  reasons for those  who can not cope with it any way.  After getting to the root of the problems mentally, patients have to learn to like getting their hands dirty.

Cleaning is seen as a menial task, which is lowly and below someone’s profession. But this is not true because in Monasteries, Temples, they do the cleaning by themselves, and they do it really well. If you do it right, let it flow and get in balance with your self and your surroundings. Dr Pohler, insists that treating messy people should not be surprising as it is widely accepted that, at the other end of the scale, obsessively tidy people needed treatment too. I have the  opportunity to treat such kind of visitors (patient- visitor  is  used in the medical arena), at the first instant after meeting them got an idea of the situation and what to take during  my encounter. As I got into the situation, sadly to note the situation, what kind of problems they face, what bad feelings or negative thoughts come up when they are cleaning. It is an analysis of behavior, of surroundings ? it all comes together and I can offer some kind of solution.

I explain ways of to make cleaning more pleasurable and also give practical tips. For example, you could try to make cleaning more interesting. You could listen to some music to get you in a good mood, or take a before and after photo so you see your work.

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Vincent Fernandes

Author: Vincent Fernandes- UAE

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