Carved Vegetable Floral Arrangement

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End of the year is around the corner and is time to thank friends and family. For many of us has helped to gain new friends and to some of us has also become an extended family.
It is my proud privilege and honor to be associated with and it gives me great personal satisfaction to have been able to contribute in whatever little way I have.
It is my distinct pleasure to dedicate my latest presentation  “Carved Vegetable Floral Arrangement” to, the team members, friends and to all the readers of

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!!!

The vegetables I have used for the above carvings are……
1. Butternut Squash for Vase
2. Green onion inserted like sleeve over bamboo skewers for stems of flowers
3. Red flower is combination of Capsicum as base and Tomato skin inside, curled to give the appearance of Rose
4. White flowers are made from white part of green onions
5. Greenish yellow flowers in the background are carved from Chillies
6. On the right side slices of Turnip curled….
7. Red flower in the middle is also Capsicum
8. And of course my favorite Radishes
Total carving time approximately 3 hours. Let your imagination fly and throw caution to the wind….carve what your heart desires!

Author: Dr K.B. Mallya- Canada

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