Complaints Pour in during Police Commissioner PS Harsha’s Maiden Phone-In programme….

Complaints Pour in during Police Commissioner PS Harsha’s Maiden Phone-In programme….

 Complaints Pour in during Police Commissioner PS Harsha’s Maiden Phone-In programme, and He Assures Full Action Soon

Mangaluru : Just like any other Friday’s phone-in programmes, today’s callers had no new issues other than the same problems- Week after week, it seems like the citizens have the same kind of problems that they are facing with traffic menace and other MCC neglected issues, when they call with their grievances during the Phone-In programme handled by the Police Commissioner. This morning, callers highlighted inconvenience owing to haphazard parking, bad footpaths, parking space taken over by illegal street vendors and mobile canteens, vehicles parked in front of bars, pubs, lounges and restaurants making inconveniences for pedestrian to walk, buses skipping regular services, illegal parking by two-wheelers etc etc.

Police Commissioner of Mangaluru P S Harsha, who answered to the complaints of the citizens during his maiden Phone-In programme held today (Friday, 16 August) , assured the callers that he would take suitable action, by directing the complaints to the concerned officials in his department, and also at Mangaluru City Corporation. One caller said that buses don’t ply on their routes regularly putting them in hardship, for which P S Harsha said he will take action. Other grievances heard by the police commissioner from the callers were :Rash driving by bus drivers; bus shelter during monsoon time being used by beggars for sleeping and also stray dogs, which has no place for commuters to use the facility; Petty shops are seen selling cigarettes and tobacco products in the public, and also close to educational institutions; Street vendors are creating nuisance for motorists as well as commuter; debris left by MCC workers after their work is done on streets which is safety hazard for pedestrians;

Roads with potholes between Hotel Srinivas and closed Hotel Vimalesh is creating problems for vehicles, especially two-wheelers; Bunder road is totally dilapidated and resulting in traffic chaos; Govt officials, police officials and even media personnel are abusing no parking zone by parking their vehicles; etc These are among the many grievances that the citizens called in and requested the Police Commissioner to take action- and in reply P S Harsha assured them of quick action from his side if the problems belong to the police dept- other issues will be communicated with MCC or other departments to solve the problems.

DCP (Law and Order) Arunangshu Giri IPS; Manjunath Shetty- ACP-Traffic; Balakrishna K- Assistant Sub Inspector CCRB; Guruduth Kamath- Traffic Inspector South police station, Mohan Kottari- Police Inspector North; Vinay A Gaonkar- ACP-CCRB; Gopalkrishna Bhat- Traffic Inspector East; Purshotham – Police Head Constable, Dilarj Shetty- President of City Bus Owners Association and Rajavarma Ballal, president of Bus Owner’s Association were present during the phone-in programme.

Following the Phone-in programme Police Commissioner P S Harsha after launching his initiative of “MY BEAT, MY PRIDE” at the police conference hall interacted with Team Mangalorean on his new initiative. While the former Police Commissioner Sandeep Patil was a tough cop who cracked down on illegal cricket betting, drugs trafficking, traffic violations, violence and rowdyism etc, the newly appointed Police commissioner P S Harsha is getting a little smarter and tougher than his predecessor , and since he had assumed his office few days ago, he has already chalked out various steps to curb drug menace, illegal cattle trafficking, gangs, etc- and now for the FIRST time in Mangaluru, he has come up with a new initiative in a move that could redefine urban policing, the Mangaluru City Police has today launched an initiative called “MY BEAT, MY PRIDE”- an upgraded Beat System in the Police department.

P S Harsha said, “This system will be unique wherein all officers of the Unit, including the City Police Commissioner will literally walk the City Streets (Beat) with the designated beat constables, to get a first-hand feel of their problems. This new system strives to empower beat constables and further strengthen the beats. This new beat system that I have mooted to my officers will work good. The system that runs on a campaign mode will see all officers from the commissioner up to the police sub-inspectors at the station level-around 60-70 of them-join the beat constables at least once a month. This move will make police constables, station house officers of their respective beats, by empowering them. It will also help the top-brass of the city police unit understand the difficulties of beat constables on the ground”.

He further said, “We will take feedback in a move to involve people in urban policing. The beat level Whatsapp groups presently functioning at the respective police station level will be upgraded and monitored so that actionable intelligence used effectively.This system will benefit the citizens with faster delivery of police services like passports verification, job verification and it is also expected to bring police stations visit by citizens too are minimum,a s they can follow up the progress of any complaints filed by them through the beat constable”.

“The Whatsapp at its conceptual stage will have features by which an interested member of civilian society can log-Inand decide the date and time on which he nor she is ready to offer his/her services towards the betterment of beat based police services. In this background an appeal is made to all Mangaloreans to support this initiative whole heartedly by becoming members of respective beat police group and by offering their suggestions and information and acting as guardians of the concerned beat group” added Police Commissioner P S Harsha.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, the eldest person among the participants at the launching of the new system, 85 year-old Malini Bhandary, the sister of Late Bola Pushparaj Shetty who was the SP of Mangaluru in the 90’s said, “I have been active in the police events for many years. In memory of my brother during police flag day ceremony, I donate scholarship to 2 SSLC,1 PUC and 1 Engineering students. Also I have donated Rs 25,000 towards the police Kalyana Nidhi. This initiative by police commissioner P S Harsha needs to be commended, since there are various atrocities and harassment on women taking place in the City. The citizens of Mangaluru should fully support this system, thereby make Mangaluru a safe city to live”.

“MY BEAT MY PRIDE is truly an inspiring initiative of Mangaluru City Police. Dr P. S. Harsha has taken personal interest in promoting peace and harmony at the grassroots. May there be peace always and everywhere” said Fr J B Saldanha of Permannur Parish, who was one among the audience. Mohammed Hussain, a entrepreneur said, “Mangaluru is seeing this concept for the first time, and we should all support this move by the police commissioner. Such beat concept will surely benefit in controlling the illegal activities and rowdyism in the city. Let’s join the police to make this concept a successful one”.